Thursday, February 5, 2015

(The Smith Street Band - Photograph by Karla Tolentino )

It was a jam packed punktastic night at the Hi-fi in Melbourne on the 31st of January, where Smith Street Band played a sold out show. Punters witnessed a show that was definitely a night to remember!

Melbourne band, Apart From This opened the night with an intensifying set that was immediately attention grabbing and saw almost everyone in the room stand up and gather to the middle of the pit and watch their set. Next up was London band Great Cynics.

Great Cynics seemed very blessed to be playing in Australia, it was a joy to see. They presented a set that was brutally groovy with a performance that was captivating and toe tapping good, punters even saw Smith Street vocalist Will Wagner join them on band to preform, then thanked him with such grace, even having bassist Iona saying 'I love you Will'. Singer and Guitarist, Giles constantly thanked The Smith Street Band crew for allowing them the opportunity to be in Australia and i had the pleasure of chatting to him after their set. He was down to earth and you could tell in his eyes that he still couldn't believe that he was doing a tour in Australia playing a sold out gig.

PUP were the last act to wrap up the already stellar supports and my oh my! What a performance! It must be credited that for being their first Australian Tour they brought a crowd that were eager. They were also brought by friends The Smith Street Band, invited to tour Australia with them. They brought a ruthless attitude with a reckless performance filled with jumping off drum kits and, slamming tunes with vocals to go weak over for any punk music lover.

It was Smith Street Bands time to hit the stage. 'Hello Friends' was said as Will Wagner approached the mic, amazed at all the people in the room. They opened with track 'She Says I Need To Grow Up', with the pit moving and swaying and guitarist Chris Cowburn teasing the crowd with his wicked riffs. Tony Abbot was also mentioned as his face is cover of their new single 'Wipe That Shit-Eating Grin Off Your Punchable Face'. Will mentioned his thoughts on the Prime Minister, describing him as 'Barbaric' and 'Inhuman' and showed love to all people who purchased the Aus Day Baby Blue vinyl, where 100% of profit was going to be donated to the asylum seeker organization. Another highlighting track from the night was dedicated preformance by Will Wagner to his sister, where he took the stage acoustically to preform 'My Little Sinking Ship' which was emotionally moving and gave goose bumps. Then to top it off his sister ran to give him a bear hug, warming almost all the hearts in the room. The band collectively presented a set that showed a vast amount of composure and confidence with punters and fans basking in their down to earth natures and ripping performance.
You can see why they are one of Australia's beloved bands and continue to be supported by music lovers all around the country.

They will be on tour together till the 1st of March, 

be sure to check them out in a town near you!

Details on the tour can be found HERE 

Review written by Kristy Smolcic (Wickedd Childd)
With Supports Apart From This, Great Cynics & PUP