INTERVIEW: Lexxi Foxx from Steel Panther

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Soundwave Festival is almost upon us again this year, and returning to Australia will be the mighty Steel Panther. We got to talk to bassist Lexxi Foxx about Soundwave, partying, Aussie chicks and Lexxi even made a small request to Wickedd Childd’s readers.

James: Lets talk Soundwave first, how do you find the Soundwave tour experience compared to other festivals you’ve toured on?

Lexxi: Well first of all the weather and what there is to do in Australia is super fun for me. All over the place it’s just been such a blast. I mean for me, I love the the zoo. And what’s really cool about Soundwave, I’ve had such a great experience with Soundwave because of all the cool little animals. I got to hold a koala bear, an alligator, and a kangaroo, it was a blast.

And plus I love Australian women. I had no idea the first time we did Soundwave how many beautiful women there actually are in Australia. I couldn’t believe it. I look forward to that again as well.

J: Have you guys toured with Slash before?

L: No we haven’t, we have not. You know we’ve seen Slash and we’ve hung out with him a bit, but this will be the first time actually doing show’s WITH Slash. We’ve done a couple of shows with Myles (Kennedy), and Myles is one of the most amazing singers ever and one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever met, and he parties like crazy. I mean, he won’t say that he does, but last time we did Soundwave with Altar Bridge, we got him so hammered out of his mind, it was just the best time. So I look forward to partying with Myles again. But I look forward to a bunch of things in Australia too.

J: What's your best memory from the last time you came over to Australia?

L: The best memory that I have would have to be the one that I don’t remember. The guys tell me that I had a total blast and we were up all night and I don’t remember a thing. But everyone tells me that I had a really, really good time. And it was more than just one time too. Once it was in Sydney, once it was in Melbourne and the other one I think was in Perth. Again, I don’t remember. 

I think that’s what’s badass about being on tour, on a big bill like Soundwave, there’s just so many different bands we get to party with. There is gonna be a lot of things that I don’t remember and I’m gonna count on my bandmates and friends to tell me how much fun I had the night before. 
But I will say this, one thing I do remember is the Sydney zoo and taking a ride on a bitchin boat to get over there, that was really cool.

J: Who would you say is best to party with then?

L: Lets see, there’s a couple of guys in Limp Bizkit that love to party. When we did Def Leppard and Motley Crue tour, the Def Leppard guys were a total blast, some of those memories are very special to me. We just got done doing the Judas Priest thing and between Ian and Jimmy, I don’t know, that's tough to decide who parties harder. But as bitchin’ as Judas Priest are, they are even cooler in person. Like, they’re rock legends and we got to do shows with them and open up for them and totally party with them, we lost our minds in Dallas. So with all those guys it was a blast. 

J: What's your favourite song to play live?

L: Probably right now, it would be ‘Gloryhole.’ It’s off the latest record and I love playing songs off that record because those are the songs I have to think about the most. For the most part they’re fun to play just because they’re different and we haven’t played them ever before. So I would say songs off the new record, but right now for me it would definitely be ‘Gloryhole.’ There’s a really cool riff that Satchel wrote in there and it’s just a fun song to play. 

J: What songs are you most proud of?

L: You know I have to go back to songs like ‘Death To All But Metal’  because that song really pretty much show’s what we stand for. We stand for partying, chicks and heavy metal and ‘Death To All But Metal’ kinda show’s that. ‘Community Property’ lets everyone know that we can’t be in a serious relationship. Theres a bunch of songs that a varying amount of significance as to why we’re doing what we do. I have to say, if I had to single it down to one, the song that put us on the map off of our first record, and that would be ‘Death To All But Metal.’

J: Is there any line that you guys won’t cross lyrically?

L: No, not really. You know I think our fans pretty much expect too hear really cool, truthful things, and maybe cross the line a little bit. But I mean again, everything represents us, I don’t know if theres anything that really cross’s the line for me. For the most part I don’t really care, I just wanna party and make sure I don’t make any mistakes on the bass and you know, hang out with chicks.

J: What's the most trouble the band has ever gotten into?

L: Umm well I can’t say that there’s been one time. There’s been a few times. And they tend to be in airports. This is WickkedChilld correct?

J: Yes it sure is.

L: To anybody out there that is listening or reading, the most trouble we’ve ever gotten into is at airports or harbours, when our boat comes in, or crossing borders. There’s been several times where I’ll say ‘dogs AREN’T our best friends,’ you know what I’m saying? They are not our best friend and I can tell you there’s been more than one time where it’s not cool. So I just want to tell all the readers and listeners out there, while we’re in Australia, we have to fly there and we’ve learnt our lesson, and if we get caught one more time, we’re in a HEAP of trouble. 

So, if theres anybody out there that want’s to party with Steel Panther, and again, we can’t bring our drugs of there, come help us out. That’s all I’m saying. And thank you for bringing that up, always good in an interview because like I said, we can’t bring our stuff anymore.

J: Have you done anything during your time with Steel Panther that you regret?

L: I like all your questions James. Hmm, regret. Well I guess it goes back to those damn airplane rides and landing in different countries. I don’t know if you’d call it regret, but sometimes I just forget what I have, what people give me and things like that. There’s been times that I regret going to airports thinking I can get away with something, when I totally can’t. I regret that. 
I also regret this one time that I let a couple of girls sleepover in my hotel room. I regret that because what they did was go through my makeup bag and took all my lip gloss and that TOTALLY sucks. Sometimes I have my lip gloss done custom, you know some people make lip gloss and other nice things, I don’t want them ripped off and these girls took my lip gloss, so I regret those two bitches for being in my room.

J: Fair enough man, fair enough. One last question. If you weren’t in the greatest rock band the world has ever seen, where do you think you would be?

L: Maybe working at a tanning salon? You know because a tanning salon, they’re the best places to pickup chicks. You can get tanned anytime you want and they always smell bitchin because they smell like tanning lotion and chicks. Chicks wanna be tanned. I’m gonna be tanned all the time and I just sit there doing nothing but make sure that I’m tanned and look bitchin. And thats a great place to be, so I’m gonna go with tanning salon.

Make sure you get down to Steel Panther’s set at Soundwave, and pick up your tickets to they’re sideshows with Slash

Written by James Frith 

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