INTERVIEW: We have a quick chat to Thee Gold Blooms

Saturday, February 7, 2015

We have a chat to Perth band, The Gold Blooms. These Garage rockers have just announced their self-titled debut album which shows such exciting talent that is a treat to listen to if you like your music crisp, quick and full of sweet rhythms to bust a move. They are currently on tour exhibiting their new music and we have a chat to them getting to know some history on them and also what to expect at their shows ! Tour dates are below !

1)   First thing’s first, how are you going? Thanks for taking time to chat with us!

Hey, we're going great. Thanks for having us!

2)   So how long have you guys been together for?
We've been together about three years now.

4)   How did you all meet?Goldy and Dylan went to uni together and then met Jase when all three of them worked together for a while. We'd known Sean for a few years too.

5)   You are set to release your new self titled album very soon (big congrats!), how do you feel about it, are you happy with the end result ?
We're really pleased with it. It's quick little album but it's heaps of fun. We really hope people get the same enjoyment out of listening to it that we did from making it.

6)   Who writes most of the lyrics in the band, is it a combined effort?
We sometimes write together, like we have a few songs that have sprung from extended jams where we're just singing whatever comes off the top of our heads and then we'll refine that into a song. However, most of the time we each write individually. Every member brings something to each song though.

7)   What helps you in your writing and developing process? Do you need to have break during the process to kick back a bit then head back in the studio or do you prefer just getting things done?We write a lot, we've kinda had to slow down the pace of writing new songs because we don't have the funds to record everything and the songs keep piling up.

8)   You are currently on tour, have you been playing any new tracks (if so what’s the response been like)?
Yeah, we've been playing a lot of new songs that will go on the next album or EPs or whatever we decide to do. The response has been great. 

9)   Do you have a favourite city to play in Australia if so which one and why?
We love Perth (where we're from) but I've gotta say Melbourne is always lots of fun for us. We have lots of buddies out that way which always makes a show that extra bit more fun.

10) Any exciting news you would like to share with us?
Keep an eye out for our touring hack documentary series we're gonna put online soon.

11) Thank you so much for you’re time and again congrats on the new album! Have a wicked day!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Check out their new track 'She Said No' now !

“Thee Gold Blooms” will be released on 30th January 2015 on Pavement Records / Shock

Tour Dates to check out these guys are stated below !

Wednesday 28 January 2015
Grace Darling Basement, Collingwood, Melbourne VIC

Thursday 29 January 2015
Old Bar, Fitzroy, Melbourne VIC

Friday 30 January 2015
Oxford Art Factory, Sydney NSW

Saturday 31 January 2015
Trainspotters, Brisbane QLD

Friday 13 February 2015
The Odd Fellow, Fremantle WA