Music Video: Jungle - 'Julia'

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Following up on their huge live shows as a seven piece band at Laneway festival recently, British modern soul collective Jungle have released a fifth single and video from their self titled debut album, released last year. Those of you who are already aware of their work, rest assured this video is just as amazing as the previous four, for those not so familiar well… rest assured it is amazing.

Mesmerising and hypnotic from the opening chimes, the passion on display in this three and a half minute choreographed dance video is second to none. Effortlessly blending a countless number of dance styles (such as Capoeira, Brazilian martial arts) into something truly unique; the passion, joy and simultaneous frustration and torment on show combine to make a true digital work of art.

 The video for Julia is sexy and raw, without being offensive and builds beautifully dancer by dancer.  Complimenting the original, groove filled and soul infused dance music perfectly this video is a must see for anyone who appreciates talented musicians, dancers or artists doing what they do best.

A song that charges the emotions and a video that seals the deal; you will need to click the watch it later option on YouTube, it’s worth a repeat viewing.

Written by David Undy