Now Playing: Altadore - 'Bar Lights'

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Emerging Portland-based indie-rock group Altadore have released their new song, ‘Bar Lights’, an enjoyable, poppy garage-rock track, in the same vein of the hook-heavy songs of The Strokes, The Vaccines, and, vaguely, Arctic Monkeys. ‘Bar Lights’ grabs you with pleasant, infectious melodies; what singer of the band, David Katz, calls their ‘polished pop sensibility’ is overtly present. Altadore
have previously released one album, ‘Golden Hills’ (2012), a slower-paced, somber, folky collection of songs. ’Bar Lights’ is comparatively more upbeat, more energetic, and demonstrates a development in their sound.

Plaintively, David Katz sings - his voice reminiscent of The Vaccines lead-singer, Justin Young -about the ubiquitous lyrical-subject of heartache and evokes a general down-and-out tone, a hint of tape-distortion beneath his vocals. Like any garage song, a textured foundation of layered guitars forms the crux of the track, while the bass-line, played by Matthew Hall, faintly echoes the British mod riffs of 60’s.

The catchiness of the song, the pop-appeal, indicates that in the coming year Altadore could attain significant popularity, definitely among the listeners of indie and garage-rock.

Written by Julius Epworth