Now Playing: 'Speak/Lie' - Saint Felix

Thursday, February 19, 2015

‘Speak/Lie’, the debut single from Melbourne-based artist, Saint Felix, indicates a very promising talent. ‘Speak/Lie’ is energetic, drawing significant inspiration from the dance music of the 90’s, evident in the coarse, drum-and-bass-style breakbeat and vintage synth sounds. With this, Saint Felix blends influences from the 80’s - like Michael Jackson and David Bowie, and techniques like gated drum reverb.

Saint Felix first heard Michael Jackson’s Dangerous at the age of seven, becoming enamoured with his pop-aesthetic, which profoundly affected his own style and sound. ‘Vocally we were really channeling Michael Jackson's kind of smooth whispering style of singing,’ said Saint Felix. ‘Falsetto is a big feature in a lot of my tracks as a result.’ This was blended with ‘Bowie-esque sounds, which really come out in the lower-range’ - Bowie also having had considerable influence Saint Felix’s sound.

This is essentially a dance-track with heavy pop-sensibilities, in the same vein as Pnau and, particularly, Friendly Fires.

The track was produced by Kalju Tonuma, renowned for his work with The Temper Trap - a band which Saint Felix bares similarity to - and The Mavis’s, with further production done by Daniel Nixon.

‘Speak/Lie’ is available on Soundcloud, and will be digitally released on Friday March 6th. 

Written by Julius Epworth