Brandon Flowers Release New Solo Track 'Can't Deny My Love' - listen !

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Brandon Flowers, (Frontman of The Killers) has released a new track from his solo work titled 'Can't Deny My Love.'

 Having following his 2010 solo album, Flamingo, which reached number one in the UK and number eight in the US,  his new solo album might seems to have a dark disco theme by the sounds of new single 'Can't Deny My Love'

The track has a quick repetition that is highly catchy and an almost samba like beat that will get hips moving with it's bouncy rhythms. 

Fans will receive the track instantly if they pre-order The Desired Effect on March 24.

(And don't worry Killers fans, he has assured this release will not break up The Killers)

Listen to the new track below !

Brandon Flowers - Can't Deny My Love (Audio)