Album Review: Falling in Reverse – Just Like You

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Falling In Reverse had a massive downfall in their last album, Fashionably Late, with Ronnie Radke thinking he could rap and not caring if others thought otherwise. In their new album, Just Like You we see Radke float back down to earth and realise he can’t actually rap but he can sing, growl and create some seriously good music. Just Like You shows Radke’s reconcile with Escape The Fate and he also apologises for his previous behaviour admitting he is an asshole just like the rest of us.
The music is solid throughout out the whole album. Compared to their previous releases, they have put a lot more behind this album, the music is not just a simple beat, instead it has some thought and talent behind it showing off what each individual musician in the band can do.
‘Sexy Drug’ shows that Falling in Reverse have not left their original lyrical writing behind entirely, singing about being with a sexy girl in the bedroom. It would have been good if they left these songs in the past and followed suit of ‘Just Like You’ and ‘Guillotine IV’. Despite this, it’s a catchy song with more progressed guitar riffs.
‘Just Like You’ is just a tongue-in-cheek song that has an even more hilarious music video to accompany it. Radke has always made headlines for being an asshole, and in this song he admits that he is an asshole just like the rest of us. Let’s be honest, we all have our moments. The instrumentals are minimal, but that’s what makes this song standout and helps it get stuck in your head.
‘Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter)’ is one of the heaviest songs on the album. This track shows Radke’s reconcile with Escape the Fate. Anyone who is a fan of Escape the Fate will love this song because it goes back to their original roots. The growls in this song are brilliant to say the least and the drumming is so heavy, that it gives this song the grunt it needs to follow in suit of Guillotine I, II and III.
Overall ‘Just Like You’ is a massive step up from Falling In Reverse’s first two albums. In this album we hear the true talent that the musicians in this band hold.
Rating: 7/10 

Written by Bianca Cutajar