Sunday, March 15, 2015

Nordic rock at its finest, Graveyard, hit the Ding Dong lounge Saturday night, with a healthy serving of garage blues rock from Melbourne’s own Jackson Firebird.
Opening the night with explosive drums and true garage style guitar riffs, Jackson Firebird impressed. With a huge stage presence and a huge rock sound usually reserved for a 4 piece, Jackson Firebird stormed through songs off their album Cock Rockin’ released through Warner in 2012. About to embark on an Australian East Coast (plus Adelaide) tour, it’s easy to tell why this band is quickly growing in popularity. Full of infectious beats and grooves, the absence of a bass player and bottom end is noticeable, but doesn’t detract from the performance or the overall sound. It’s fat, rocky, energetic and addictive, and absolutely worth a repeat viewing. Melbourne/Vintage rock from start to finish, these guys love to put on a show.
Graveyard took the stage for an hour and 20min set, and couldn’t have disappointed the crowd if they tried. Assaulting the crowd with rolling bass-lines and a dual guitar attack, Graveyard played through fan favourites from all 3 albums. Opening their set with Seven Seven and recent single Goliath, they set the audience alight and continued with more of the bluesy, hard rock, driving tunes they’re becoming world known for such as Ain’t Fit to Live Here. 
Showcasing their best from all 3 albums since 2004, Graveyard also hinted to the delight of the crowd, to a new album soon and dropped a new song announced as Shug. (Sneaking a cheeky look at the set-list later, the set-list has it entitled Shunken). Along the same vein of authentic blues influenced hard rock/folk that they are recognised and acclaimed for, it isn’t much of a departure from previous album releases (such as Hisingen Blues and Lights out), yet I can’t imagine old or new fans having a problem with this.  Ending the show with an encore of The Siren, Buying Truth (Tack & Förlåt) and Swedish Grammy winner Hisingen Blues, they left the audience exactly the way we’d hoped. Sweaty, excited, tired and wishing they had a ticket to Golden Plains festival to see them again.
Graveyard have captured something special that is lacking in many bands that try to revisit the blues rock sounds of the past 40 years. Something that sounds even better live than it does recorded. Check them out when you can, Graveyard are everything music fans love about rock music without any of the glitz and glamour.
Rating: 9/10

Written by Dave Undy