Monday, March 30, 2015

The Black Alleys kicked off the night and bought with them a ton of energy that they left all on the stage with their set. While their garage blues inspired songs aren’t breaking new sonic grounds in regards to originality, there’s nothing really wrong with the classic sound. As the adage goes, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!”. The Black Alleys belted out a full fat 3 piece rock sound, and with the perfect amount of fun and shirtlessness, put on an entertaining opening act. 
My Dynamite set fire to the Northcote Social Club with an explosion of the best of 70’s and southern style rock. With a look that would bring a tear to any Lynyrd Skynyrd fans eye, and slick rocking tunes to match, My Dynamite are one of the best at what they do. Their songs, in addition to the bands on-stage presence and show, are jammed full of swagger and entertainment. Amazingly addictive riffs, and songs you wish you knew the words to, fill the entire set. Performing a tight, well rehearsed show My Dynamite have nailed a solid recipe to keep gaining fans.  Punchy hard rock but with a core of pure groove My Dynamite play stadium rock while maintaining the great local band attitude and feel, that rock and local music fans hold so dear. 

Recording the night live for a future release (hopefully!), King of the North (Andrew Higgs -Vox/Guitar and Danny Leo - Drums/Vox) completely delivered. From start to finish they had the crowd moving, grooving and eating out of their hands. KOTN emit a huge sound that made me regret forgetting the earplugs at home. Their understanding of each other’s playing style is impressive, made only more extraordinary by the fact that this talent and teamwork only comes from a serious amount of time spent playing together. KOTN never failed to get the audience participating, and quite visibly (and audibly) have earned themselves a dedicated following. The lone guitarist uses multiple effects and loops, and without knowing or seeing how the sounds are created, one would be forgiven for mistaking them for separate rhythm/lead/bass guitars. The talent of the two performers is clear to see. The guitar pedal dancing can be hard to do properly, and again their musical relationship with each-other, blend everything into a full and powerful true rock “wall of sound”. Cracking out stage slamming rock tunes one after another, KOTN push the border between an alternative rock and hard rock style of music. At times, catchy and tuneful and at others, a balls to the wall force of rock.  Having just finished up a successful east coast tour of Aus, King of the North have one final Australian show announced for April 4th at the Espy w/Child and The Black Alleys. Making it even better is that it’s free! Check them out before they set off on tour to Europe in 2015.

Written by Dave Undy