Interview: Peezo talks collaborating with Cultra, Aussie hip-hop and future releases

Thursday, March 12, 2015

I recently had the distinct pleasure of chatting with one of Australia’s most prominent up and coming hip hop artists, Peezo –

Since releasing Old School Futuristic last year, you've received critical acclaim from some pretty highly refuted Triple J reviewers, including Max Quinn. How do you think your music has evolved since you dropped Sunset Park in 2012?

My music has gotten a lot better since I dropped Sunset Park a couple of years ago. Conceptually and fundamentally; pairing up Cam Bluff has definitely helped me progress musically because he is so good with the beats; but my song writing and rapping has also improved a lot. My evolution as an artist has evolved through travelling, being exposed to a lot of different types of lifestyles and seeing different cultures.

On one of your most recent tracks you collaborated with Cultra to create 'Here Now'. What was that experience like? 

It was a long and fun experience to be honest, I mean Cultra smashed out her hook really quickly one night at M-Phazes’ studio (when he wasn’t there) I have a friend who works as his studio engineer, so we got to record in there which was cool. But my vocal takes were very grueling! I worked really hard for a couple weeks just to get those verses right! I think I did at least about five hundred takes (no exaggeration) to get it right! but I’m really stoked with how it turns out. I just kept thinking what would Kanye West do. So I just kept working until it was at a place i was super happy with.

What do you think the future holds? Do you see another album in the near future? 

The future holds whatever I create and work hard for. I just really want to keep making music people like and building my fan base up; so ultimately I would like to be playing sold out shows to people who love my music.

I have a few projects coming out this year, I gotta drop OSF2 first which is coming really soon then an EP with my Haxx from the electronic group Deja and another project with my other homeboy Tigerilla, who are both super talented so I’m really looking forward to those projects. In short heaps of song writing and rapping..

How do you think Aussie Hip-Hop has changed over the last decade, and what's it been like to be a part of it?

I don’t really know how it has changed because I don’t really keep an eye on it like that but I guess its becoming more accepted mainsteam Australian music. I can’t really speak on it’s success/progression of late, because I’m not very tined into what’s happening. I know in the past people haven’t really vibed with "Aussie hip-hop" but now it feels like people are. When I started, my friends and I were like yeah lets do this and change Aussie hip hop blah blah blah but now i just want to make world class music and foster culture that people can love and relate to.

Written by Jack Ford