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Monday, March 2, 2015

We have a chat to the Lucas Colin from Brisbane raised band, Hound. If you don't know about them ,let us kindly introduce you. Hound are a 4 piece band from Brisbane who play post-punk tunes that would make any old school punk lover fall in love with them. With a modern twist, they guys draw inspiration from artist such as Fugazi and Lucas has described them wanting to be at 'the exact midpoint between Slayer and Crowded House'.  

To check them out at a wicked show near you, you can find all the details you need below !

Hi, thank-you so much for chatting to us, what did you get up to today?

Hi there. Absolutely my pleasure. I’m at work right now. There’s a satisfying symbiosis between the Public Service and rock music. A job that has trouble respecting itself coupled with an attitude that don’t respect no job. I imagine Zach De La Rocha would be vaguely proud of my trojan horse-like lifestyle. Until he realised that I have no idea where the coffee beans in my cup are from. Which makes my coffee both very Public Service and rock’n’roll. An act of barely defined rebellion that is also boldly overpriced and incomprehensibly regulated? Cool, right? No. It’s a flat white. No sugar. Which is not rock or roll. That’s just straight up Public Servant. I’ve had two (2) ibuprofen today so far and if this keeps up I may have to break out the Nurofen Zavance. F*ckin hell.

So how did you guys all meet? How long have you been jamming together for?

I’ll attempt brevity here but I can feel myself failing already. So fuck it. The genesis of this band thing took place when Chris and Tom lived together in Toowong. That house had more character than a list of Oscar nominees. Any red on any carpet certainly wasn’t meant to be there. Grand memories. Anyhow - I’d met Chris a handful of times over the years by virtue of us both being originally from Toowoomba. We bonded like araldite once we finally got around to talking for more than a few pissed minutes. Only took a few pissed hours. A real stand up guy. Tom hails from some shady coastal region. He has the air of a vagabond about him, so home is possibly quite an amorphous concept for him. That may be why he has more surprises than a clown car up his sleeves. He’s a fascinating creature. I’m not sure how he met Chris because I wasn’t there. So anyway, beginnings and such, Chris mysteriously messaged me out of close to nowhere one day asking if I’d be interested in throwing some music about a room. Top idea. I believe that was the earliest moments of Spring 2012. Now this was all eventually and supremely aided by the arrival of Gray, after how long I am not sure. He is from Toowoomba also. We had played together in another band together many moons ago. Gray is a very funny man and there is no sight on earth more peaceful than him fast asleep with a beer in his hand. He knew Chris and Tom already as well. A small world full of big legends.

You guys have released a new single titled 'God Is Calling', how are you finding the response to it?

Well, I haven’t heard any bad words about it yet. So I think that means the ship is still sailing smoothly along right now. But if there were bad words to be said about it I may not be the set of ears that hear them. But if I did hear any bad words, well, I wouldn’t care unless it was really funny. A spot of whipping with sharp wit is a fabulous thing and I can’t turn away a bloody good joke. The clip will be out any moment now. So I think that will crystallise the general response to it, with both the broadness and specificity required to make any band feel weird about their own work. Looking forward to it.

Can you tell us, what is the story behind the song?

The songs appearance was allowed to happen for two major parts. One being the chordal skeleton which was sitting on Chris’ shelf of song ideas. It just lazily sat there cos at the time it didn’t seem especially noteworthy. Then the second, most magical part happened. This took place whilst supporting Killing Joke the last time they were

in town. Gerald Keaney (of Gerald Keaney and the Gerald Keaneys) was also on the support bill, and after our set he told me that he loved the bit where Chris was yelling “God Is Calling” a whole bunch. The enthusiastic review was much appreciated, and Gerald is singularly fascinating character at any rate, but I was almost positive that the thing he loved most about our set never actually happened. Absolutely confirmed this suspicion with Chris, who was so hilariously taken with the notion that he dusted off the old song idea and it inspired us to all come up with the necessary goods. Thanks Gerry.

It is noticeable that your sound branches from Post Punk artists such as The Cure, and Sonic Youth which other artists inspire you as a band?

Collectively Fugazi is the big one. That was the massive pin that kept our baby band nappies on. But there was too much baby band shit in some of the older material for us to even entertain actually ripping Fugazi off properly, so we grew up quite fast and together became more musically broad than I can do justice with too many words. We decided once a while back that we’d like to be the exact midpoint between Slayer and Crowded House, so there is always that.

Which artists are you currently listening too?

Personally of late I’ve been spending some quality time with Mac Demarco, Alex Cameron, Killing Joke, Christian Fitness and Elvis Costello. The new Sleater Kinney is unreservedly brilliant and I am childishly excited for the new Metz in May. Tom sent me an REM song via social media this morning. It’s been a little while since I’ve mainlined that entire discography into the bloodstream, but I feel like that’s gonna next up. Can’t lose.

You guys will be touring your new single 'God Is Calling’ early March, are you excited to hit the road again?

We’ve been to Roma before but this will be our first time in Melbourne. Hopefully that alone conveys the amount of collective excitement surrounding this trip. And then we get to go back to the Rad in Wollongong. Love that room. And playing with The Miners again? Love that band. So we’re going to have way too much fun no matter what.

Explain the rush you get when you play a new song live?

Hmm. The rush comes after not completely butchering it. Hahahaha. Ok, ok no, not precisely. There is a distinct rush when a song debut kicks off and one of us manages to catch the ball, showing us all how it should be done. By this I mean sometimes the energy in the room isn’t amazingly receptive to an awkward performance of a new number. But we’re all good if one of us takes the lead somewhat and obviously stops actually thinking about it. That’s an inspiring moment and

reminds me how happy I am to be on this team. We’re quite encourageable, so after an airing or two we get comfortable enough with the track to start heckling it ourselves. 10/10.

How are you finding the Punk scene in Australia at the moment?

I texted Chris hoping he’d answer this one for me, but he’s most probably doing something far more involved than I right now. So here’s my take on it - I think it’s good? I mean, I have difficulty determining in most cases how punk a lot of the Australian bands I’m hearing at the moment feel they are. So I’m trying to avoid committing to a response here as it would be far too easy to put my foot in my mouth. Then it’s a super fun slippery slope from there to then shooting myself in the foot. Which is a bit f*cked if it’s already in my mouth. Anyhow, In general I am finding a lot of exciting and guitar-ed up bands all over the place, with so many of them not only

majorly rocking out but writing some great songs concurrently. They can often be totally different things that properly melt faces when wrangled into the space.

Any details on when you debut album 'Dying In The Sun' will be released? (Very interesting title too by the way)

Somewhere in the abdomen of April is the current notion. Not quite a TBA. But still kind of TBA. At any rate it’s coming very soon. The last time I checked it was approximately 39 surprisingly diverse minutes of four guys taking turns sacrificing each other at the altar of our production god, the King of tone, Sean Cook. A wonderful experience. On the matter of title, we initially found the idea of having a title track naming the record as unrepresentative as the former Member for Ashgrove. However in light of every other album title suggestion that came pouring out of our idiot brains like so much toxic waste, it turned into the only reasonable solution. And

Brisbane is really f*cking hot. So it’s pretty much a true story in itself, right? As an example of the other suggestions we had “Liver Little”. You know, just deplorable puns from every angle. Dickheads, tossers and assclowns – everywhere.

Congrats on your success and best wishes on your tour, hope you catch you guys at a show during your Single Tour! Thanks for the chat!

Why thank you kindly! If you’re about when we’re about in the same locale it would be a delight to have drink over, under and around another chat. Thanks for your time.



Single Tour 2015

Friday, 6th March - Bar 303, Melbourne - VIC
Saturday, 7th March - Spotfest, Brunswick Hotel - VIC
Sunday, 8th March - Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne - VIC
Monday, 9th March - The Old Bar, Melbourne - VIC
Friday, 13th March - The Spotted Cow, Toowoomba - QLD
Saturday, 14th March - The Foundry, Brisbane - QLD
Friday, 20th March - OAF Gallery Bar, Sydney - NSW
Saturday, 21st March - RAD Bar, Wollongong - NSW
(More details at their Facebook Page)

‘God Is Calling’ is taken from the soon-to-be-released
debut album ‘Dying In The Sun’

(Interview by Kristy Smolcic)