Sarah Blasko and Nick Wales Release A Song Together From Forthcoming Album! - read more

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sarah Blasko and Sydney-based composer Nick Wales collaborate to release ‘Pain Is A Number’ from their forthcoming collective album “Emergence” .

Set for release on June 5th (via Create/Control) this collabertaion is infused with Blasko's sensual vocals that lure you into a dark state of mind that is ever so eery and spine tingling. Nick Wales has brought a collection of sounds that have brought forward this emotion to the song, including sirens, howls that are almost vibrations, space-age like bops and beeps and tones that stretch for a pin pointed amount of time, delivering a hauntingly interesting listen. 

Speaking to Broadsheet, Blasko says of “Emergence” - 
“Dance is so mysterious to me, I’ve done some music for theatre and really enjoyed stepping into another world.”

‘Pain Is A Number’ available now from iTunes
Emergence” is released in Australia and New Zealand on Friday, June 5 via Create/Control 
Pre-Order Album via Create/Control or iTunes