EP Review: Thomston - Backbone

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, 19-year-old singer and producer Thomston has recently dropped his third EP, Backbone. Released on the April 6th, the EP is a collection of four tracks, which Thomston has described as a “snapshot of my life before things change, before I’m away from home a lot”. 

The first track ‘Second to You’ is a striking opening to the EP. You’re quickly drawn in by the lyrics and immersed within the sound. There is nothing I love more than dark pop, it sounds smooth and fresh and so intriguing. 

Grey’ is my favourite track. It offers some great lyrical moments such as “we’re still acting our age / bursting our eardrums in your dads car” this really pulls me back to my high school days. It’s a relatable song, the uneasiness of leaving things behind and how change can cause people to move away from one and other. 

To and Fro’ another song that draws you in from the get go. It’s catchy, Thomston sounds at ease whenever he sings, especially on this track. The moodiness of Thomaston’s sound is something that really attracted me to his music, the darker content of the lyrics and the R&B influenced beats are always righteous. 

The EP concludes with ‘Collarbones’ the slowest song on the EP. It separates itself from the other tracks; Thomston’s silky and emotional voice pulls you into a trance.  It’s a truly beautiful track; the emotive sound matches with the lyric content, them together create a truly magnificent song and a true stand out on the EP. 

Written by Brittney Klein