IMMIGRANT UNION Announce New Album, New Video & Hometown Album Launch

Monday, April 20, 2015

Immigrant Union have announced details on their second full-length album titled  Anyway. Their new release will be out independently on May 29 in Australia. If you are a vinyl junkie the newie by the guys is now available now to pre-order on limited edition vinyl.  In much celebration because of this exciting news release they have also announced a hometown album launch in Melbourne on June 13 at the Kelvin Club

If you thought the celebrating stops there, we have news for you, they have also released a new music video for track 'In Time' via Noisey Music! The music video shows a kicked back Immirgant Union completing day to day ventures with much cool cultural experiences along the way. 

Immirgant Union's Bob Harrow said, "Brent shot and directed this clip featuring me going to Soundwave festival in Melbourne. He filmed it using stop animation so for the entire shoot I had to sort of move in slow motion. I remember people looking at me and probably thinking 'I'll have what he's having, thank you'. Whenever I would interact directly with people I'd explain whilst I was being filmed, "We are shooting a music video and I have to move in slow motion, so you got to do that too... Can you please light my ciggie, yep get your lighter out super slow" etc."

"We were at Soundwave surrounded by a bunch of rockers partying. Brent did a killer job directing me for the entire afternoon and evening when all we really wanted to do was hang out. I actually did get to party but I had to party in slow motion. Brent was just working the camera all day and night. Poor guy."

Watch the new music video below 

Be sure to Catch Immigrant Union & friends as they launch the album on Saturday 13 June at Melbourne's Kelvin Club


Tickets at the door. Supports soon to be announced.