Interview: We chat to Gang of Youths frontman Dave Leaupepe about The Positions and touring

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gang of Youths are fast becoming one of Australia's most loved bands. Their debut album The Positions has been gaining hype and love from music lovers and critics everywhere (including us at Wickedd Childd!). They will also be hitting the road next month to celebrate the release of the album. We chat to frontman Dave Leaupepe about 'The Positions', touring and musical discoveries.  

Alex: My first question is an incredibly selfish one and admittedly for my own mental health;

At Secret Garden Festival back in February, whilst walking round in a somewhat of a drunken stuper, I recall walking past a band smashing out “I’m on Fire” by Springsteen. Since then, I’ve managed to convince myself the mystery band was you guys… Able to shed any light?

Dave: Hahahaha outstanding. That was us. Good guess.

A: Since the release of ’The Positions' only last week, have you noticed any newfound attention, more so than that of the months prior? 

D: Absolutely. It's the fucking strangest thing we have ever encountered -- we're not sure how to go about dealing with us so we're at that point where smiling politely is the way to do it. Not complaining, but the adjustment to suddenly having our work thrust into some spotlight no matter how insignificant has been an interesting one. 

A: Given that 'The Positions' is such a raw & cathartic album, with the stories behind the songs having been laid out so honestly; do you feel any sort of emotional exhaustion when having to explain the stories behind each track and the writing process?

D: Absolutely -- but I asked for it and was entirely aware of the implications when we set out to make this LP a reality. The emotional exhaustion is taxing at best and shattering at worst, but when I die I never want to be accused of doing anything untrue or half-assed or lazy or robotic. Fuck that noise, lemme die of exhaustion as a byproduct of the truth and not tiredness as a byproduct of complacency. Viva La Revolución!

A: As a band, how do you pass the time whilst travelling? I sense the next 18 months is going to be a whirlwind of airports; do you have any secrets for overcoming boredom, Jetlag & tired-eyes?

D: Oh man you have hit a nerve with this one. I'm never bored, just uncomfortable. We have all been best friends for a long time so it's essentially a clusterfuck of shit talking, sleeping, play fighting, arguing, eating gross food and computer games. 

A: Personally, what has been your most definitive musical discovery? Be it an artist, song, piece of music etc.

D: I will spend the rest of my years trying to beat Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth

If you want to catch Gang of Youths on the road whilst touring 'The Positions', check out dates below. 

Friday 15th May 2015 
Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Tickets Gang Of Youths

Saturday 16th May 2015 
Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane
Tickets Gang Of Youths

Wednesday 20th May 2015 
Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Tickets Gang Of Youths

Friday 22nd May 2015 **SOLD OUT**
Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Tickets Gang Of Youths

Sunday 24th May 2015 
The Exeter Beer Garden, Adelaide
Tickets Gang Of Youths

Friday 29th May 2015 
Jimmy’s Den, Perth
Tickets Gang Of Youths

Saturday 30th May 2015 
Mojos Bar, Fremantle
Tickets Gang Of Youths

Written by Alexandra Medd