Interview: We have a chat to David from NANTES

Thursday, April 23, 2015

We have a chat with David rogers of NANTES
David chats about the bands tour so far and how writing is one of his biggest passions.

Members, David Rogers and Jos Eastwood, wrote and recorded six new songs for LIMBO and the end result is a strong cohesive body of work that cuts through with power and poise and captures the uniqueness of NANTES.

You can still catch these guys while they are still on tour.
Tour dates can be found below !

Hi, Thanks for taking time to chat to us, how are you guys?

We are doing pretty well. How are you?

Very well thanks man, glad to be interviewing you guys !

You are currently on an East Coast tour right now showcasing your new mini-album ‘LIMBO’, whats it been like so far?

It has been a load of fun. Its good to be back on the road after being in hibernation for so long. 

What is one of your favourite things about touring?

Playing our songs live has always been one of our favorite things to do. We have been eager to get back on the road. It's really nice to hang out with some old and new friends while we're doing it. 

Do you have a favourite city so far that you enjoy playing at more than others?

It's always a different experience each time we head out. This time around Sydney really stood behind us at our local newtown show, there was a great atmosphere and everyone seemed genuinely keen about the show. 

You have written and recorded all your tracks, is the process daunting at times or do you find it to be a pretty cruisey ride to complete?

Writing is my passion, it's something that I couldn't see myself living without. When we start recording, it is such an exciting time. We get to see our planning and work come into fruition. It's not until we get to the final stages where it becomes more hazardous. I generally start to become very critical of everything and want to start again and not release anything. It's a cycle that happens every time. 

What was it like to have your work mixed by Tony Doogan in glasgow then mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road in London?

It was a privilege to work with such esteemed professionals. From our first conversation with Tony he knew exactly what we were after. And from previously working with Frank it was all a breeze. 

Say an alien drops down from earth and asks about NANTES , how would you explain NANTES to them in just a couple of words?

Melancholic, ambiguous, self satisfying indie pop
Assuming the alien spoke English. 

Congrats on the new releases and your tour ! Hope to chat to you guys again soon!

(Interviewer: Jack Fisher)

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