5 things we learnt at Groovin The Moo 2015 Maitland...

Monday, May 11, 2015

Groovin the Moo returned to Maitland once again for a sell-out 2015 show. The sun glistened upon chilly festivalgoers as they arrived at the showground passing security and sniffer dogs, bearing high expectations and even higher sensations. GTM was a hit. It was a bountiful trajectory of great quality music. 

I’ve packed together 5 things I learnt at Groovin 2015, I hope you enjoy… 

Anything to do with trap will be rewarding 

Lasers beamed across the stage as the audience packed back into the Moolin Rouge Stage. Mixing a generous amount of hip-hop into his set, RL Grime spun his tracks. Intense visual effects complimented his well-organized set. The trap music set light to a turbulent audience, anchoring them only by the dub of each song. RL Grime was one of the most anticipated acts to see considering his stellar reputation as a live performer. From trap music to the Trap Lord himself, A$AP Ferg spat his gritty rhymes presenting his Harlem hustle to his Australian hip-hop fans. Fergenstein, a monster to the track, exhibited his versatility and his hedonistic lifestyle through his hit Shabba, working the geed up audience. RL Grime and A$AP Ferg both exceeded expectations and killed their respective performances. 

Carmada know exactly how to execute a performance

The electronic duo Carmada took to the stage as the sun made went down. Comprised of Sydney producers Yahtzel and LDRU the duo slayed their performance with a spectrum of pink hues beaming across the horizon, lighting the blushing sky. Spinning their original electronic tracks, Carmada created an unreal atmosphere. As the piano intro to Maybe peeped through the mixes, there was a new surge of energy in the audience. Anticipating the satisfaction of riding out the drop, we prepared ourselves for one momentous hook. Being elevated upon shoulders during Maybe was an indescribable euphoria. Dancing uncontrollably to the intricately fused dance music a level higher than ground level was an absolutely unstoppable feeling. Carmada played a stand out set that was executed perfectly.

Things don’t always go to plan at music festivals 

Music festivals are a place of atmospheric pleasure. Totaled with some of the world’s greatest sounds, it can be a much-needed escape from reality. But even the most anticipated events are susceptible to falling short of expectations.  This was evident during the performance of Odd Mob as one of the fuses blew on stage, filling the room with unwanted smoke, forcing festivalgoers to move out of The Plot Stage dispersing themselves across the rest of the festival. Disheartened by the incident we never got to find out if it was a banger. 

Hot Dub Time Machine will take you on an adventure down memory lane 

Hot Dub Time Machine brought the house down around 7o’clock at night. Flicking through the ages, chronologically spinning anthems from all different generations, DJ Tom Loud had the audience in the palm of his hand. Known as the travelling dance party, his sets transcend pop music history. From Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Want to Have Fun to DaRude’s Sandstorm, all the way via Goldfinger’s 99 Red Balloons, it was one epic audio-visual journey. The release of red balloons from the tent ceiling and confetti cannons heightened the dance party ambiance and created an authentic but energetic trip down memory lane. Hot Dub Time Machine was flying under the radar but is steadily getting more global exposure. 

Sticky Fingers can do no wrong 

Filling out the open air Channel [V] stage around 3 in the afternoon, their psychedelic reggae delighted the senses. Their chilled out stage presence and individual steez were on display throughout the whole of their performance. 

Sporting a matching red tracksuit, lead singer Dylan Frost summoned audiences with his rich smokey repertoire. Each track played was colossal. STIFI never fails to loosen the crowd, with plenty of people rocking out on the shoulders of others, chanting lyrics, left wanting more. Classic tracks like Gold Snafu and Australia Street had the audience encapsulated by the carefree vibrations, swaying along as they aimlessly get transported to new dimension. Sticky Fingers laidback outlook and artistic experimentation illustrate that they can do no wrong.   

Written by Otara Ath 
Photography by Joshua Pike