Feature: 6 new tracks we're loving this week

Wednesday, May 13, 2015
(above - Penguin Prison)

This week we bring you six new tracks that have been basking the Wickedd Childd airs. They have been stuck on repeat for hours and we're not complaining!

Our discoveries this week include tracks by Penguin Prison, Man Without Country, Dignan Porch, Major Lazers newie, Bearson & Belly is Dead (feat The Weeknd)

(Special mention to Penguin Prison - He has us hooked!)

Penguin Prison - Show Me The Way  

Man Without Country - Romanek  

Dignan Porch - Out Of The Picture  

Major Lazer - Too Original (feat. Elephant & Jovi Rockwell)   

BEARSON - Imposter (feat. Mark Johns)  

Belly Is Dead - Might Not (feat. The Weeknd)