Monday, May 4, 2015

(Photographer - Cal Harmer)

The psychedelic-rock larrikins The Delta Riggs took live to the stage of the Metro Theatre on Friday the 1st of May. 

Their inventive style and ‘stick it to the man’ attitude has seen them skyrocket from a local Melbourne band to filling out stadiums across Australia, performing live with the Foo Fighters. Their growing success was recognized at the 2015 Rolling Stone Awards for “Live Act of The Year”. 

Local act Food Court opened the show. Melbourne based performer named Harts followed closelyHarts has been identified with the likes of Prince and was contacted and invited to jam with him back in 2014. His latest single “Breakthrough” has topped charts on Triple J, as he is no stranger to Triple J rotations. Harts was pulled back on stage during the Riggs performance, showing off his Hendrix style influence, and living up to the title of guitar prodigy. 

At around 10:30pm the Delta Riggs took to the stage summoning people from all warps of life, filling out the Metro Theatre. As the Riggs came on, the atmosphere changed. The musty presence of the Metro Theatreilluminated with their sonic landscape. It was a beautiful coming together of punk rock and dedicated fans. Kicking over the microphone stand and free-handedly throwing the mic around, the Delta Riggs were off to a great start. Working the audience and feeling the room, vocalist Elliot Hammond created a spirited dialogue, entertaining the audience with his comical charm. 

The room was encapsulated. Rocking out to the classic ‘Supersonic Causalitiesthe vibe was unstoppable. It was all head banging and loose limb dancing as the fans recited the lyrics back to the band. Separated merely by the thickness of the walls, outdoors the peppermint rain drenched city commuters whilst indoors was an electrifying wonderland that escaped reality. Another crowd favourite, ‘For Tonight’ off the 2014 Zipz Zebazios album got the audience charged up

The distinctive hooks and whisky soaked vocals of Elliot Hammond truly showcased Melbourne’s finest rockers. The electronica reverberated off the walls as crowd surfers took their gamble. Experimenting with killer guitar riffs and licks, their musicality and dexterity grew stronger. Their new album titled Zipz from The Zong was featured in their performance, displaying their eclectic flavor and ability to morph multiple styles together. It was a night of quality music and great taste.

Written by Otara Ath

Photographer: Cal Harmer