Thursday, May 14, 2015

Karnivool are smashing out 16 Australian dates on their Themata Decade tour and I was lucky enough to be a part of it, witnessing an amazing show at The Corner Hotel on Wednesday 13th May. Arguably one of the most talented Australian rock bands of their time, Karnivool proved that they could rock the socks off anyone in the vicinity of this gorgeous Richmond venue.

The show’s opener, Cairo Knife Fight, are a two piece band (vocals/drums and guitarist) who set the vibes right with insane guitar and drum solos, mad riffs, and some intense loops. The wait couldn’t be longer but the support really knew how to set the mood, egging the crowd on and pumping them up for the long awaited headliner.

Cairo Knife Fight really knew how to open a show and though, let’s face it - everyone there is waiting to see Karnivool - I saw enough dancing and subtle head banging to know everyone was impressed.

Karnivool celebrated the 10 year anniversary of their debut album, Themata, with energy and excitement radiating from both the crowd and the band. The return of Karnivool, anniversary tour style, saw Themata played out in almost it’s entirety, mixed in with a couple of tracks off other albums, and not one person in the sold out crowd could complain about this performance.

I can guarantee that no one has experienced passion like lead singer, Ian Kenny, has. The desire to please every single person in The Corner Hotel was more than evident in Kenny’s facial expressions and body movements. He expressed so much love for what he does in a mere hour and a half and sent energy bouncing through the room as clearly and perfectly as the music the band played.

Karnivool had such a sublime performance that each and every person in that crowd will be left feeling privileged to have been a part of such a masterpiece. A live performance like Karnivool’s is not one often witnessed, but it was absolutely, spot on, flawless.

This band, and Ian Kenny in particular, made it obvious that they are proud of what they do and so they should be because they nailed songs start to finish, leaving the crowd wanting more and more. The atmosphere of a small venue and passionate fans leaves you feeling so satisfied long after the music finishes playing and Karnivool’s Themata 10 year anniversary tour was absolutely no exception to this feeling.

The energy felt at this show, and the lasting pleasure that stuck around long after the drive home exceeded many expectations and frankly anyone who didn’t attend one of their Melbourne shows missed out big time.

Karnivool proved that even 10 years on, they still got it. Let’s hope they keep bringing it for years to come. Themata was released in February 2005 and their latest album, Asymmetry, was released in June 2013.

Written by Emily Noordzy

Photographer: Tim Doig