GIG REVIEW: MANGELWURZEL | The Toff (Melb) | 16.5.15

Monday, May 18, 2015

MANGELWURZEL are a funky and vivacious six-piece from Melbourne. They are the most stimulating and electrifying band I’ve seen live in a long time. The band create a sound that brings you back to the Ska days if the Ska days had a funkier bass-line, jazzier time signatures and a punk breakdown. They make a noise that is eclectic yet some how catchy. The time changes take you from slow grinding to throwing elbows in moments. It’s a fuckin’ party.  
The group played an intimate album pressing fundraiser show at the Toff in the Melbourne CBD on Saturday night.
Saxophone and trumpet control the song Everybody’s Friend accompanied by the groovy dance moves of the bouncy, bite-size front woman.  The bassist and the guitar player swap instruments mid set just to prove even more how musically talented the entire band is. 
The crowd could not stand still, strangers were dancing with other strangers and friendships were being made. There was a real house party vibe in the room. I somehow cannot recall the set list in order due to the fact that I was caught up in the straight-up good times they were creating. 
With an LP in the works you can expect to see more of MANGELWURZEL very soon. We can only hope. 

Written by Elisa Rosenthal