GIG REVIEW: Peter Bibby | Northcote Social Club (MELB) | 15.5.15

Monday, May 18, 2015
Photograph by Teresa Pham during his show in Sydney.
Aussie-As folk artist Peter Bibby played his second show of his national tour at the Northcote Social Club in Melbourne this weekend.  “Music, Band, GO,GO,GO” seemed to be the vibe of the night.. Bibby took the stage beer in hand with a band-aid on his eyebrow. He mumbled something about falling on his face in Sydney and going to hospital but you’ll have to ask him yourself. It was made clear there was no set-list so we knew we were in for a messy treat. He and his band opened with Stinking Rich, a track that all of us hard-working-party-people can relate to. “I’ll have a fuckin’ robot just to scratch my fuckin’ itch.” Dream big. 
The energy really started to pick up during Home Alone, the crowd went from buzzed to drunk as we danced together to the bluesy riff. You could sense the level of comfort he had playing to the local crowd, a few of his buddies were there. After a good dance and a few raunchy jokes Bibby kicked the band off stage and took on the crowd solo. The vibe slowed down a bit during Red Fx Falcon and the Hippie Song.
Although his set was unorganized he didn’t fail to charm the audience. His poetic and unprocessed song writing makes you feel like you’re listening to some sort of fucked-up, real-world nursery rhyme. Somehow Bibby articulates his lyrics so well you need a beer in hand while listening. 
Peter Bibby put out Butcher/Hairstylist/Beautician, his debut album late last year. This is definitely a record everybody needs as a reminder that good, authentic music is still being made. Bibby’s Australian tour ends in Perth at Mojo’s bar on Sunday 24th of May.

The Melbourne gig ended with the songs Cunt and Bad Dog. The energy was high and the crowd was sloppy. “This is the kind of music you break the law to.”

Written by Elisa Rosenthal