Monday, May 11, 2015
(Photographer - Karla Tolentino) 

The night provided the fusion of three immensely talented acts who all happen to share band members - not to confuse you. But in sum up, the opener Robert Muinos is a band member of both Saskwatch and Dorsal Fins. Dorsal Finns and Saskwatch also share Will Morrissey, Liam McGorry, and Olaf Scott across both bands. 

As mentioned earlier, Robert Muinos opened the night with his soulful tunes. If you have never heard his material, then you need to find it and listen to it pronto. This year he released his debut solo EP You’re Not Alone, featuring the tracks ‘I Was Dreaming’ and ‘Next Door’ and ‘Hold You Up’. Though his sounds are much different then those of the other two bands, his material is so emotionally charged that it transform you to other place. 

Next up was the exillerating Dorsal Fins. Their recently released debut album was subject to a extremely positive reception from both fans and music critics, so I was excited to see them live. The ten-piece outfit rocked their psychedelic tunes in tremendous fashion, with a clear favourite amongst the crowd being ‘Mind Renovation’ from their same titled album. 

If the crowd weren’t warmed up from Dorsal Fins set, then they certainly felt the fire once Saskwatch started playing. The confidence of lead singer Nkechi Anele was exciting to watch and she did an an amazing job in capturing the crowd. Her vocal range is impeccable and a joy to hear live. In ‘A Love Divine’ she starts off soulful, and then Nkechi vocals transform into true rock n’ roll - it was enjoyable to witness this one live. This track was a clear fan favourite of the night. 

Though all three acts share band members, they all brought their own favour and flair - overall all three are incredible Australian acts that you need to watch out for. 

Featuring: Robert Muinos & Dorsal Finns
Photographer: Karla Tolentino