Interview: Simon Connolly from Arrester talks 'Endless Summer Days' and their upcoming tour

Monday, May 18, 2015

It's busy times for Arrester - not only have they released their EP Endless Summer Days, they're also about to hit the road to celebrate the release with a national tour. I had the opportunity to ask vocalist and guitarist Simon Connolly about the EP, their tour and musical discoveries.

Amy: What was the recording process like for your new EP Endless Summer Days?

Simon: Initially we had planned to do some demo's of new songs, party to solidify the arrangements and partly out of my desire to try out some different drum recording techniques. We'd then go splash some serious dollars recording somewhere fancy like Sing Sing here in Melbourne. So we headed to our friend Rob Vasey’s (Owl Eyes, Lisa Mitchell, Chela) studio Four Hundred Acres and spent a day trying things out. Listening to the playback we realised we pretty much already had the EP right in front of us. The sound was cool and relaxed and to be honest we were too lazy to want to re-record the whole thing!

A: Where is the EP available for those eager to give it a listen?

S: The EP can be streamed on Soundcloud, Spotify etc, and can be purchased at iTunes and our Bandcamp.  

A: Your tour starts on May 22nd, is their a particular track from the EP you’re excited to play live?

S: We really like playing the first track 'Rusty' cause it's fast(for us) and loud and there's a sweet guitar solo in it. Also 'The Will Beneath The Waves' because for big chunks of it I only need to use one hand to play it. Leaving the other hand free to gesticulate wildly, scratch any itches, motion for a refill etc. 

A: What are you looking forward to most whilst you’re on tour?

S: Conducting an informal study on the effect of lock out laws on the nations entertainment venues. Also gambling a lot after winding up at a casino after being locked out of everywhere else. 

A: You’ll be playing in quite a few cities on the tour, is there one you’re looking forward to visiting the most?

I'm most excited about the Canberra show I think, I went to high school there and always enjoy going back to play. The venue we are playing (The Phoenix) is pretty much the only nice pub in existence there and has been a favourite watering hole of mine since before I was legally allowed to drink. Plus every return trip is like a high school reunion and I can show everyone how cool I am and how far I've come, still playing the same venue I used to when I left town 13 years ago. But what do they have?! Kids, houses and the highest average income in the country, that's what. 

A: Have you made any musical discoveries recently that are on your radar?

S: The new Totally Mild Album is incredible, can't get enough of it! Also I mixed the Closet Straights residency at The Toff In Town March, their new single 'Zadie' is great! 

A: What have you guys got planned after the tour?

S: More writing, more recording, more shows and i guess I'd have to say just generally crushing it. 

Listen to 'The Will Beneath The Waves' from Endless Summer Days below. 

Written by Amy Smolcic