INTERVIEW: We have a chat to Smaal Cats about their new EP 'Seagulls'

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

We had a chat to Smaal Cats who are a band that hail from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. The 4-piece bad discuss the release and production process of new EP 'Seagulls' , artists who inspire them and how they would love to collaborate with Psychedelic legend, Kevin Parker of Tame Impala

• Hi, thanks for taking time to chat to us!
No worries

• Ok, can i just start with a massive congrats to you guys on the release of your new EP ‘Seagulls’, how do you feel that it is now released?
Combination of relief and anticipation for what comes next. These songs have been hanging around for years now and its exciting to finally hear what we sound like recorded.

• I’ve given it a listen and i can only describe it as very mind intensifying! You guys seem to have diversity raped up. The Ep’s got a ripping grunge twang with ‘Free Your Mind’  then transitions with some mellow bluesy vibes from ‘Seagulls Part 1 & 2’, do you find it more fun to be able to dwell into different styles?
Definitely. We have never tried to sit in a genre we just do what comes natural. Its always been enjoyable to play these songs live as its such diverse range of intensity and emotion

• How did you guys go in the recording process? Is it a thrill when you know its all over and you can’t wait to share your new work?
We recorded this ep at our dear friend Ian Mathers studio in avalon, and they did an amazing job, but we learned that we want to be more hands on with out music next time around. We have already started pre production for the next ep at charlies house.

• In my research I discovered Kings Of Leon are one band you guys enjoy. Which you can sense while listening to you guys , I hear alot of loose bass lines similar to song ’Molly Chambers’ style, am i on the right track? (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong haha) 

Definitely been a big influence. Brendon likes singing that song sometimes

• What other bands do you draw influences from?
Lately King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Pond, Father John Misty, Mf Doom, Four Tet and of course Led Zeppelin

• You guys have recently supported the wickedness that is Ecca Vandal, what was that like? 
Playing with Ecca Vandal was great, it was a good god which was on our bucket list so yeah we were stoked

• If you could work with any musician on a bunch of new tunes, who would it be?
Kevin Parker is probably the best australian musician of all time, so yeah probably him.

• When can we expect a rockin’ LP from you guys, whats the plan for Smaal Cats?
We are in the midst writing new material for our second ep. The LP is still a long way off, its something we dont want to rush into.

• Anything else exciting you would love to share with us?
Yeah, we have started our own record label with a bunch of other talented and inspiring people called “Cabinjam”. All of our solo work as well as other projects we are involved with are being released through this. Our good friends “The Dinlows” have a release in the works so keep an ear out

• Thank you so much for the interview, I really can’t wait to see what comes out of you guys in the distant future. Keep it up dudes! Much respect.

Smaal Cats ‘Seagulls’ EP is out now on cabinjam music licensed to themusicconnection/MGM

You can give their new single 'Morning Kerfulle' a listen below !