Mas Ysa Announces New Album 'Seraph' + Releases New Track "Margarita"

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mas Ysa (otherwise known as Thomas Arsenault) has announced his long awaited full-length debut titled Seraph, along with the release of a brand new single - "Margarita". Arsenault has become prominent for his cutting-edge electronic music combined with traditional songwriting. He possesses an incredible talent for creating dance floor jams that transition beautifully into heart-rending ballads.

Arsenault says of the song, “this is named for my mom, who's also on the cover art of everything I do. It deals with the trauma of becoming your own autonomous person and that person when you see your parent as a fallible person. It's a complicated thank you.”

Despite the fact he hasn't yet released his debut LP, he isn't a newcomer. 2013 saw him play support shows with Purity Ring, as well as his track "Why" being labeled 'Best New Track' by Pitchfork. Last year, he released his EP Worth and won 'Best New Track' again for "Shame". Today, he is one of the worlds most distinctive and innovate artists. 

Arsenaults's upcoming album took almost a year to perfect. It also features production help from Steve Rivette (Liars, Black Dice) and was mixed by grammy-nominated Damian Taylor (Bjork, Arcade Fire).

Seraph is set for release on July 24th. Check out his new single "Margarita" below.