New Music: The Jensens release 'A New Hope' + Announce East Coast Shows

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Jensens have made your friday even more awesome with the release of their new single ‘A New Hope’.

Since 2013, The Jensens have been creating killer tunes and perfecting their craft on the live circuit in Brisbane. With the release of their debut album fast approaching this year, they’ve given fans a taste into what to expect from the release.

Frontman Joe White said, "A New Hope is a classic break up song, like so many of ours. It's about that line 'It's not you, it's me', knowing you weren't ready, realising too late and hurting someone else in the process. You end up hating yourself, I think most people can relate to that. As for the line "I'll take you with me, we'll get by", well... I always like to have a glimmer of hope in my miserable, self-absorbed lyrics. I won't explain in any further detail, but I pretty much wear my heart on my sleeve in this one.”

They’ve previously touring with the likes of Stonefield, Lurch & Chief, The Harpoons, and Velociraptor, and now they’re set for their own headline shows in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay. 

Listen to ‘A New Hope’ here, and scroll down for their upcoming tour dates.