Monday, May 4, 2015
(Photographer: Jacqui Palmer )

Melbourne’s very own Eliza Hull brought the ethereal sounds of her new release The Bones Of Us to Howler in Brunswick last Friday night.

Ever since the release of her highly acclaimed EP The Ghosts, Eliza has been going from strength to strength. She possesses an amazing power to create lyrics that are not only incredibly heartfelt, but immensely beautiful. This was reaffirmed last month by the release of her LP The Bones Of Us. The beauty of her new release will possess you and make you fall in love with her incredible sounds. 

Hearing the material from the album was just as magical live. 

‘Caught’ - one of the most popular tracks from the album - was a true joy to witness. The venue stood still as Eliza glided her voice effortlessly over the beating of drums and strumming of strings. The track has been one of my favourite releases of the year, and seeing her perform it made me fall in love with it even further.

Another track that was a pleasure to witness was ‘Christopher’. The downtempo track holds the power to cover your skin in goosebumps. The thing I love most about this one is that her vocals take full control, with the synths in the background remaining mellow and subtle.

If Eliza Hull happens to announce a show in your town soon, it’s a must that you buy a ticket. But in the meantime, you could also purchase her new LP too - you won’t regret it. Eliza is one to watch and I look forward seeing what she does next.

( Written by Sally Swan )

Photographer: Jacqui Palmer