Track Review: Adria - 'Falling'

Friday, May 1, 2015

Perth singer-songwriter Adria has previously admitted that she is heavily influenced by water - from it’s aesthetic beauty, to it's calmness, and even the turbulence it sometimes manifests. 

If I'm going to relate her new track ‘Falling’ to water, the first thing I would say is that the earlier stages of the song have a degree of calmness. When I say a degree of calmness, what I mean is that there is an undertone that their might be gloom that's approaching steadily, but everything on the surface is still smooth. Adria's vocals are raw, yet magnetic and the piano in the background is sombre. 

It’s once the chorus hits, it smashes through you like a stream of tumultuous waves. The way she elevates her voice during the lines “You know that i’m falling, falling / oh, oh, falling, falling, oh oh” evokes feelings of sinking, or even plunging. Whereas in the first verse the darkness was below the surface, the chorus exposes this. 

Arguably, the most beautiful part of the track is when the strings kick in.Then, just when you thought you couldn’t get anymore goosebumps, war-esque drums pave their way, truly bringing the shadiness overshadowing the track into the light.

Overall, ‘Falling’ is bewitching and will leave you spellbound. Adria has a gift for creating sophisticated pop music, but also music that is fuelled by true emotions. 

Rating: 4.5/5 

Written by Amy Smolcic