We review Sloppy Kiss Soiree new EP 'Scallywag Syndrome' + we chat to them about touring and the release

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Kooky kids Sloppy Kiss Soiree have just released their new EP Scallywag Syndrome. We had a listen ahead of their launch to see what these crazy cats from Sydney were all about.

Describing their sound as a “molotov cocktail of incredibly spicy vibrations” and singing about apples, goats and evil twins; it’s safe to say that this garage punk trio is unconventional, raucous and even downright ridiculous at times. Sloppy Kiss Soiree are notorious for their eccentric live performances and their bizarre lyrics but don’t let their whacky fa├žade fool you. Their sound has a refreshing raw quality that rock and roll has been lacking of late.

The first self-titled track Sloppy Kiss Soiree is fuzzy and fast and fun. Lead singer and guitarist Jonny’s vocals shout loudly over caustic guitar and crashing rhythm from David on the drums. The song perfectly encapsulates the band’s attitude, “you may like it you may hate it”: they are unapologetic and ready to make some noise. The song is a celebratory introduction to their carefully orchestrated chaos with its intermittent enthusiastic screeches and a twangy solo from Jonny.

Baby Sitar starts grungy and slow with a prominent bassline from Glauber, thumping bangs from the drums and their signature high pitched whoops. Then suddenly it switches tempo to a fast-paced punky riff with distorted harmonizing backing vocals. But just when you’re getting into the upbeat verse it switches again. Jonny lets out a drawn-out lurid howl before it changes yet again. It’s manic but not quite mayhem and it’s most certainly exciting.

Just when we thought we were getting a good idea of Sloppy Kiss Soiree’s divergent sound, the third track Evil Twin Brother caught us off guard with its poppy uplifting melody with a hint of The Clash. Complete with drawling “la la lahs” and even an uncharacteristic harmonica the song acts as a delectable centre to a sandwich of riotous garage.

Amusement Park is as enjoyable as its title denotes: starting with vocals from all three band members in three different languages and a tangy bongo-like rhythm of the drums. The sound is once again punky mixed with a fiery surf sound almost merging into a rugged 60s vibe. It is catchy and quick at only a minute long followed by a full 52 seconds of strange distorted sounds that would happily take place in a surreal Tim & Eric sketch.

The EP concludes with Toxic Surf Party opening with a single twang from the guitar and a drum solo. It is surfy and slick with overlaying samples of bubble sounds and distorted vocals. The guitar switches between punk and an almost offbeat, past-paced country sound. The vocals are enjoyably nonchalant and the overall sound of the track is slightly rough but incredibly infectious.

Sloppy Kiss Soiree’s EP is purposefully sloppy. Jonny’s vowels are elongated and his yelps are whimsical and abrasive. The drums are crunchy and crashy and the guitar is distorted and fuzzy. But that’s the beauty of the band. They aren’t here to take themselves seriously. This is Ty Segall’s impassive brother. This is garage rock as it should be.

We caught up with the band to ask a little bit more about the EP:

Tell us a bit about the sound you have created for this EP? Influences and inspiration?

We were going for more of a dry sound in terms of instrumentation. Inspired by all things dry, such as dry ice, dry mouths, sun dried tomatoes, tumble dryers, Bill Murray, Aubrey Plaza, and Leslie Nielsen.

Can you explain Sloppy Kiss Soiree's creative process and how the EP came together?

We each wrote a song separately for the EP then Jonny wrote 2 more, making a total of 5 tracks. During rehearsal we would show each other our songs and then together, using our mind-holes, we would share ideas and enhance certain parts, just like how Mickey Rourke enhanced his face.

What kind of response are you anticipating for your release?

Hopefully the songs get stuck in people's heads, annoying and exciting them.

Do you have any other plans for 2015?

Touring the east coast of Australia, perhaps South East Asia, and creating multiple weird yet  super groovy video clips. And to release another EP before the year is out.

Scallywag Syndrome is available as a digital release on bandcamp and will be released on the 11th May on cassette by Weiner Records via the link. Sloppy Kiss Soiree will be celebrating their release with a free gig at the Lansdowne in Sydney on Saturday alongside other Australian bands Hoon, Wolf Cola and Bowl Cut, for more info follow the link.

Written by Cozzie Wood