ALBUM FEATURE: Cosmic Psychos - Cum The Raw Prawn

Thursday, June 18, 2015

What is there to say about Cosmic Psychos’ new album Cum The Raw Prawn. If anyone is familiar with the group they’ll know that Cosmic Psychos’ musical philosophy is all about being drunk, offensive and authentically Australian. It’s been 4 years since they last brought us their signature Aussie punk sound, but it’s been well worth the wait. Even more exciting is that they’ll be joining none other than the Dune Rats on a national tour!

The album is just as unapologetic as ever - with buzz-filled bass, dustbin drums, grungy guitars and raw, vulgar vocals. Their sound and style has remained somewhat constant through their 33 year career, so fans should know what to expect by now. While not having the most compelling or meaningful lyrics, Cosmic Psychos approach to music instead consists entirely of ‘not giving a fuck.’

The album starts of on the song ‘Better, Not Bitter’ with a drudgy, intocicated guitar riff and the unforgettable anthem of ‘It’s fucking bullshit maaaaate’ The following tracks ‘Bum For Grubs’ and ‘Fuckwit City’ both stand out as highlights. 

The title track ‘Cum The Raw Prawn’ mainly consists of a dynamic punk riff and vocalist Ross Knight telling the listener to fuck off, while ‘Toothbrush’ deals with sensitive issue like ‘washing me arse with your toothbrush.’

The album closes on ‘Didn’t Wanna Love Me’ and if you think that this track is about being in love or going through a break up, then you really haven’t paid much attention to this review.

Cosmic Psychos classic yob rock sound is still alive and well, crude and unrefined as ever. However this is where their charm comes from, and ‘Cum The Raw Prawn’ has produced some songs that just wanna make you get pissed and scream along. 

Cum The Raw Prawn is out now. Make sure you check out their tours dates with Dune Rats below!

Written by James Frith 

Cosmic Psychos & Dune Rats Australian Tour 2015 
Friday 19th June 
Manning Bar, NSW
Tickets Oztix
Saturday 20th June 
Mona Vale Hotel, NSW
Tickets Venue & Oztix 
Thursday 25th June
The Gov, SA
Tickets Venue & Oztix 
Friday 26th June 
Settlers Tavern, WA
Tickets Venue & Oztix 
Saturday 27th June
Rosemount Hotel, WA
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