Album Review: King Parrot - Dead Set

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

You can use many words to describe King Parrot’s latest album Dead Set, but there’s none that individually cover the breadth of metal genres that they manage to blend. Recorded at Nodferatu Studios, New Orleans with assistance from producer Phil “the kid” Anselmo of Pantera/Phillip Anselmo and the Illegal’s fame, the Melbourne 5 piece have added a bit of shine to the normal King Parrot chaos. Without losing any of the ferociousness fans have loved since the band formed in 2010, King Parrot have added another layer of metal to the alloy of riffs you can normally expect from the band.

Gritty and powerful from the opening Anthem for the Advanced Sinner a 1:35min thrash assault about mistakes made and made again, it really hits its stride with the third track  Hell Comes Your Way, a punchy slamming song with an awesome driving chorus making it one of the more memorable on the album. A band like King Parrot doesn’t need much production, instead serving up raw aggression, face tearing riffs and good, basic song-writing, but Phil Anselmo has hit the nail on the head with the album Dead Set. A touch more polish and a slap more heavy and guttural, album namesake and final track Dead Set is a perfect example of this. Head first and head slamming from the outset quickly turning into breakdown hell complete with huge wailing guitars. 

At 34:35min total playing time there’s not much room for error, fortunately there’s nothing really to fault. Every track offers up something slightly different from the next. Vocals on Home is where the gutter is are brutally amazing, showcasing vocalist Matt Young’s ability to smash seamlessly between deep throat growling and vocal chord shredding higher tones, and Punisher makes the guitarist in me want to pick up the guitar and put it through its paces.

King Parrot have the ability to mix their art with a not so serious underbelly, but this album has a darker feel than normal. Touching on political topics, addictions, and fictional serial killers amongst other lovely topics, King Parrot have refined their usual frenzied and grinding attack into an even more powerful and focused aural assault.
A must have for metal fans and a must listen for anyone who isn’t easily offended or are curious about different the types of extreme metal.

Written by Dave Undy
King Parrot - Dead Set
Rating: 10/10