ALBUM REVIEW: Wolf Alice - My Love Is Cool

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The “love child of folk and grudge” is how English band Wolf Alice has been described, the four-pieces debut album, My Love Is Cool out June 19, is a collection of genre switching tracks, from soft calming vocals to loud guitars and screaming vocals next. Ambitiously, the band didn’t want to create an album of previously heard EP tracks, they aimed to create an album that is almost entirely new material.

Due to the interlacing of varies genres, It sounds as if they have taken the best of pop, folk and rock to created this distinct Wolf Alice sound that works so well. There are old favourites on the album such as ‘Fluffy’ and ‘Bros’ which have been remastered, sounding cleaner and slicker. The album is a clear representation of the bands journey and how they have come to find their defining sound, whilst not wanting to create an album that people expected. 

‘Turn To Dust’ opens the record, the chilling vocals of Ellie Roswell absorbing you. You can distinctively hear folk elements on this track; there is this almost whimsical feel that is carried throughout the album. Tracks such as the ghostly sounding ‘Silk’ are a clear standout, taking you to another world; Roswell’s vocals are pure brilliance. ‘Lisbon’ is the perfect blend of pop and grudge, which takes inspiration from The Virgin Suicides “Am I stone cold fox”; personally this is my highlight of the album. 

There is still that classic Wolf Alice grittiness during the record, ‘Giant Peach’ and ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’ still have those loud guitars and screaming lyrics and the familiar screech of Ellie Roswell that we are so use to. The track ‘You’re a Germ’ sounds like the perfect 90’s grudge anthem, starting quiet before lurching into screeching guitars and loud drums, with the screaming lyrics “where’s mum and dad so you can tell them you’re a dodgy fucker as well” the evil laugh of Roswell at the end sticks in your mind for some time after. 

The final track ‘The Wonderwhy’ is more stripped back compared to the rest of the album, it ties everything together nicely making the album feel complete. The album holds so much emotion, Wolf Alice took their time making this album, speaking to DIY they wanted an album where there were no ‘skippers’ and I believe they have successfully done this. It feels as if every track on the album has a reason to be there, that it is this perfect contrast of soft and loud. Wolf Alice have created an album that will stick in peoples minds, My Love Is Cool is memorising and will leave you wanting more. 

Written by Brittney Klein

Wolf Alice will be appearing at Splendour In The Grass as well as sideshows in Melbourne and Sydney. Also listen to 'Giant Peach' from the album below.

Thursday July 23rd
Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Tickets Secret Sounds
Friday July 24th
Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Tickets Secret Sounds