FEATURE: Tunes From Locals That We're Loving This Week

Thursday, June 25, 2015

It's that time of the week where we share some of tracks from homegrown talent that we've been jammin' this week. Check out our discoveries below.

Tenderhooks - ‘I Weakened At The Weekend’

‘I Weakened At The Weekend’ is the first single to be released from Tenderhook’s self titled debut album. The catchy tune features warm guitars as well as a killer guitar riff at around the 2:08 mark that is reminiscent of the sounds of Albert Hammond, Jr. from The Strokes.Their new album was co-produced by Luke Steele, the legend behind Empire of the Sun.

Wallflower - ‘Fabricated’


Following the success of their breakthrough single, Wallflower have delivered the goods again with ‘Fabricated’. The smooth track sees Wallflower make use of silky guitars and hand claps. They spent six months between the iconic Studio 301 in Sydney, as well as Abbey Road in London and Studio Sixty-Eight. ‘Fabricated’ will be formally released on July 10, you can listen to stream of the track above. 

Lupa J - ‘Quiet Here’

After the successful release of ‘Waiting For Her’ earlier this year, Lupa J has returned with ‘Quiet Here’. The 17 year old Sydenysider made the move from trained violinist to contemporary electronic artist when she was 15. Listen carefully to ‘Quiet Here’, you might hear an appearance of the violin towards the end of the track. Her hauntingly beautiful release reaffirms her depth as an artist. We look forward to seeing what she does next.

Crystal Cities - ‘Cut Me Loose’

With an EP currently in the works, Crystal Cities have shared a hint of what to expect with ‘Cut Me Loose’. Made up of Geoff Rana, Jared King, and Daniel Conte, they do a brilliant job in creating melodic guitar-driven pop and beautiful lyrics. 

Tiger Choir - ‘All Time’

Hobart’s very own Tiger Choir created massive waves when they released the lead single from their upcoming EP ‘Shani’. They’ve done it all from playing Falls Festival, Camp a Low Hum, and Panama Festival. Be sure to check out the eccentric video for ‘All Time’ that features it all from cute dogs to dance moves you might consider trying out this weekend. Check out the clip here.