Monday, June 22, 2015

The four childhood friends from Sydney who comprise High-Tails have been making noise and gaining Triple J air time for a while now, making their Single Launch at Ding Dong Lounge quite the attraction. A decent crowd always helps a gig and Ding Dong definitely came through with the goods this Friday night. The first act to take the stage was Winter Moon, who introduced a funky, playful mood to the whole evening. The lead singer was a tiny girl with a sassy voice and a lot of energy as she got off the stage to dance with the crowd mid song.

Following on was Above Kings who were also there for a Single Launch, although I didn’t realise until the end of their set (call it bad journalism). For a band I admit I did not know too much about, I was undeniably more than impressed. Imagine if Birds of Tokyo and early Red Hot Chili Peppers had a lovechild, these guys would be the outcome. They continued with the funk theme and put so much energy into the set, it made the whole thing a lot of fun, which the crowd responded very well to.

Now that the crowd was all fired up, it was time for High-Tails to keep it going. Yet when they began it was a bit of a step down from what I had just heard. The chiming pop music started off enjoyable, but Nick Griffiths voice just lacked depth. As the set progressed, it carried monotony throughout it, which resulted in a deficiency of feeling. They did come through with some catchy riffs, especially the song ‘End of the Road’, which got the crowd bopping. When they got a jam going together on stage, however, it was fun to listen to, but this was only seen in certain points of the set. Playing ‘Bending Over Backwards’ got the audience noticeably more involved as did a cover of an Abba song. The ladies certainly enjoyed that one.

But a few of their chill songs were just a little too chill; it caused the atmosphere to be fragmented. It seemed like the whole band lacked a little character, but this may have been caused by Above Kings absolutely smashing it just before. They closed up the night with the single that was launching, ‘Information’, which did leave the crowd on a high note and the night was not without success. I just feel they would have come off looking a lot better playing before their support act who out-shined them. 

Written by Jessica Vaia