GIG REVIEW: JP Klipspringer | Ding Dong Lounge | 6.6.15

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

As part of a three-stop east coast tour, JP Klipspringer launched his second EP, Din Deafening, at the iconic Melbourne watering hole, Ding Dong Lounge.  With the likes of Stephen Mowat – aka Matik – behind the production of the EP, there were high hopes for the Melbourne songwriter’s follow up. The show was opened with WILSN, a young girl with a band behind her, who took everyone off guard. Pulling out them bluesy rock feels, she had a booming voice that just washed over you and commanded everyone’s attention in the room. The soul only grew as she pulled out a cover of Aretha Franklin, and I found myself fighting the urge to stand up and yell ‘Sing it, Sister!’. This was pursued by the second support of the night, Chase City, who brought a refreshing contrast with the upbeat indie rock you would expect to hear at Ding Dong.

After the supports, JP Klipspringer had a pretty strong atmosphere to uphold, and as he began, I found him to be pleasant. This is not meant in a patronising way; it was enjoyable and very easy to listen to. A comfortable tone was placed over the night; however, this tone was not developed anymore from that point. There was a lack of progression as the set went on, and although it never got dull, it started to sound a little repetitive. WILSN, who turned out to be JP Klipspringer’s good friend and driver for the night, joined him on stage to contribute backing vocals. The layering of male and female voices shook up the dynamics and added an interesting touch to the music. By this point I had developed a serious girl-crush for her, yet looking around the room, I was not only one. 

When the first single from the EP, ‘Let Me Go’, was dropped, the crowd picked up noticeably. Yet the night was not without mishaps, as one song had to be restarted three times, but JP did not let it throw him off. This cool, calm and collected demeanour was continued on as he moved into the last song off the EP, ‘Daicos, Millane and the Quarter Time Crisis’, and kept a sense of humour with a bit of football commentary. A cover of Cut Copy’s ‘Hearts on Fire’ was enjoyed immensely from the fans but nothing got the crowd more involved than his track ‘Bury Me’ from the first EP. It portrayed a very different contrast to his newer music, and definitely highlighted his talent. As the night came to a close, satisfaction was reached, yet I feel there is still room for improvement

Written by Jess Vaia

JP Klipspringer | Ding Dong Lounge (Melb) | 6.6.15
Featuring: Chase City 
Photographer: Tim Doig