Music Video: Mosman Alder - 'Colours'

Friday, June 12, 2015

Brisbane six-piece Mosman Alder have teamed up with acclaimed filmmaker Michaela Holmes to create their new music video for 'Colours'. 

Shot over two days on a property outside of Millmerran, in Queensland's Darling Downs region, the video displays a captivating cinematic journey featuring striking and breathtaking landscapes and natural scenery. The stunning vision didn't come without a price with the crew having to endure all sorts of challenges such as extensive outback heat, the dangers in rock climbing as well as the most scariest of all situations - snakes. 

When discussing the clip, Michaela Holmes said she wanted to construct feelings of loneliness. "I think the landscape was very important for that, having no other signs that anybody else was around – the character was completely on her own. When you’re alone for such a long period of time, I think the things around you can sometimes become very distorted."

The track was inspired by a conversation about the enigma associated with colour symbolism and is said to be one of the most cryptic tracks off of their album. 'Colours' isn't the only track to be released from their highly acclaimed debut album Humdrum Star, other releases have included 'Germland (of Julien Charbonneau)' and 'Try Your Luck'.

Watch the video for 'Colours' by Mosman Alder below.