New Music: MT Warning - 'When It All Bleeds Out'

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

MT Warning (aka Mikey Bee) has released 'When It All Bleeds Out' from his forthcoming EP Petrified Heart - due for release on July 10. 

The track opens with the theoretical thump of a kick drum, followed by a zestful finger picked guitar line. His vocals are a combination of raw and piercing - singing despondent and evocative lyrics, "wake up little man, don't you break her heart come on little man, don't you fall apart". The track ends on a powerful note with thunderous crashing symbols and the brisk sounds of the electric guitar. 

His upcoming EP was recorded in his garage studio. Mikey shared his thoughts on writing the EP "I needed to face myself alone and work by myself alone. I needed to dance by myself alone. I wanted to hear my own voice as it naturally sounds and make music that moves me, both in tempo and emotion”.

He has been gaining fans around the world after his performance at the prestigious SXSW and UK's Field Day, as well as local festivals such as Splendour in the Grass and Laneway Festival. 

Listen to 'When It All Bleeds Out' below.