Now Playing: Oh Wonder - 'White Blood'

Thursday, June 4, 2015

London duo Oh Wonder have released a new track from their debut release project which sees them release one track per month over 12 months. 'White Blood' is another addition to their brilliant emotionally driven sound that they've become prominent for.

The track was inspired by their friends struggle with a brain tumour. In a statement, they said “ We wrote 'White Blood' to explore the idea of needing immunity from disease, sadness, hopelessness or fear, not only in the physical form of white blood cells, but also with simple human love and support.”. The harrowing lyrics will have you in shivers, listening attentively to every word they harmonise. 

The simplicity of the production allows full focus to be on the vocals of both Anthony and Josephine. The moving sounds of the piano are accompanied with empty spaces, causing chills. There is a slight thump during the hook that is reminiscent of a slow heart beat.

The track has only been on Soundcloud and it has already had an incredible 100k plays. 

Listen to to the chillingly beautiful 'White Blood' below.  

photo credit: Mike Thomas