Tuesday, June 30, 2015
(Photographer: Karla Tolentino)

Last Dinosaurs are on the verge of something special - not only has their national tour almost completely sold out (only limited tickets left in Perth), they’re set to appear at Splendour in the Grass soon, and their single ‘Evie’ has been receiving commercial attention on the airwaves. Saturday night was Melbourne’s turn to witness the magic that is Last Dinosaurs.

Opening up with ‘Weekend’ ensured a strong start to their performance. Though this track is a slow starter, it does heighten as the song progresses. A big portion of their set contained songs deriving from their 2012 debut album In A Million Years - not that’s a problem, the album is brilliant. The guitar-controlled pop number ‘Sunday Night’ created grooves amongst members of the audience and an aura of good vibes and happiness. ‘I Can’t Help You’, another crowd-friendly jam, further saw fans get loose and have a dance. A personal highlight from their performance was ‘Honolulu’, for just over 4 minutes the lads from Brisbane transported everyone away from the dreariness of Melbourne’s climate to a place much warmer in fine form. 

Don’t for one moment think that all the tracks they played came from In A Million Years, they mixed it up with a killer fusion of the groovy ‘Poison Arrow’ by ABC, ‘Da Funk’ by the legendary Daft Punk, as well as the iconic ‘Music Sounds Better With You’ by Stardust. Occurring around the middle of their performance, the collection of covers allowed fans an opportunity for a moment to really get crazy and have a dance. 

They also played ‘Evie’, their most recent single, another guitar pop tune (one of their specialities), was positively received. They closed their set with the undeniably infectious and catchy ‘Zoom’. They then returned to the stage for a final time for an encore playing ‘Andy’, closing out their show on a soaring note. 

Further reaffirming their reputation as one of Australia’s most dynamic and thrilling live acts, Last Dinosaurs presented a show that ensured that all members of the audience joined in their party. If you were lucky enough to score tickets to their remaining sold out show in Adelaide, get excited. If you’re in Perth and still indecisive about attending, buy tickets now! If you miss their show, you’re crazy. 

Photographer: Karla Tolentino 
Featuring: I Know Leopard