ALBUM REVIEW: Citizen - Everybody Is Going To Heaven

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Citizen returns two years after their debut success ‘Youth with their sophomore album ‘Everybody Is Going to Heaven’. This album has been met with love from fans and critics alike, and just like their debut, sadly I’m just not feeling it.

The album drips of 90’s rock, not to say that nostalgia for more classic music is wrong, when done right it is great, but Citizen does not do it right. They do not bring anything to the table; their song writing ability is lacking and this really does not help this album.

Another gripe I have with this album is Mat Kerekes’ vocals. They seem so bland that I find myself slowly zoning out and not really paying attention. Then you have other songs were his vocals are so quiet and barley audible that it is just boring to listen to. He tries to convey emotion is such a boring way that his vocals do not sound believable to me, they sound forced, like in the song ‘Ten’. 

The guitar riffs also do not leave much to be admired. As stated above the song writing is pretty bland and the riffs definitely reflect this property. Nothing really jumps out at me, besides the more aggressive songs the instrumentation sounds unimaginative and uncreative, just bland.

A few songs I was drawn to seemed to be when the album kicked into gear, bringing fast past aggressive music. Songs like ‘Cement’ and ‘Stain reflect this. However with aggressive songs like this mixed in with slow stale songs it really ruins the cohesiveness of the album in a whole. 

The production by Will Yip is impressive as always and really does help keep the album from turning rotten. It helps keep the album alive through good mixing.

This album isn’t bad, but it isn’t good. It is just boring. I would rather the album be more explosive, more aggressive like the opening track. The album just did not manage to grab my attention and was honestly a choir to get through the two times I listened to the album. I find myself struggling to say much about it, which saddens me even more than if the album, was just bad. I would rather an album be horrible than just plain boring. If you are a fan of emotional music, their debut, bands like Title Fight, or 90’s rock revivalism then you will be a fan of this group’s latest album.

Written by Rhys Prka

Rating: 3.7/10
Fav Tracks: Stain, Cement
Least Fav: Heaviside, Ten, Weave Me (Into Yr Sin), Yellow Love
Release Date : 26 June
Run For Cover/Cooking Vinyl Australia