ALBUM REVIEW - Josh Pyke – But For All These Shrinking Hearts

Thursday, July 30, 2015

It was whilst searching through the depths of the Internet for a new tattoo design singer/songwriter; Josh Pyke stumbled across Charles Redheffer and his ‘Perpetual Motion Machine’. A story he reminisces about in the lead up to the release of his fifth album But For All These Shrinking Hearts. 

"What the story made me realize is that creativity isn’t bound by physical laws of nature and science. The ultimate perpetual motion is creativity. I wouldn’t say that’s the theme of this record exactly, but the whole idea was fascinating to me. I loved the image: the old guard, cranking the wheels." – Pyke said in a statement

Pyke spent a lot of time in his home studio (a shed in his backyard) creating the album. He has crafted a collection of catchy pop songs that incorporate his clever and thoughtful song lyrics we have become accustomed too. 

The album opens with Book Of Revelation; a clear standout hat instantly invites us into his new approach to pop music. He has labeled the song as one of his top songs released to date. It is one of the more upbeat tracks along with newest single Hollering Hearts and Be Your Boy, which add a much-needed kick to the album with majority of the tracks being of a slower tempo. 

Another standout track is Some Big Deal with its clever lyrics like, “You’ve been the calm and I’ve been the storm” being only one of the many storm themed lyrics used. These lyrics coupled with the backing strings create a dreary, stormy day vibe across the song. 

The album takes a slower turn with the tracks When Your Colours Go, Momentary Glow, Late Night Driving, Someone To Rust With and Doing What You’re Told. This creates a balance throughout the album as Pyke takes us on a lyrical journey about the breakdown of relationships, which could also be seen as his relationship with creativity. 

Songlines was co-written with Jinja Safari band member Marcus Azon due chance when Pyke heard one of the bands tunes whilst at a café and decided to make contact. The song has what I think is best hook of the album, followed closely by the hook and melody in There’s A Line, which he wrote on a phone app. 

Pyke’s fifth album is well polished and showcases his unique vocals, accompanied by a tight production of string, synths and drums. It is another well-written album with heartfelt lyrics that listeners will easily connect with. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a Sunday morning drive. 

Written by Gabrielle Clement 

Josh PykeBut For All These Shrinking Hearts
Release date: July 31st