ALBUM REVIEW: Lil Wayne - Free Weezy Album (FWA)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lil Wayne’s new album…mixtape…thing, released exclusively on Tidal (whom Lil Wayne is co-owner). This album comes after some major beef between Lil Wayne and his old baby daddy Birdman, who apparently threw a bottle at Lil Wayne a few nights ago. If you have not been following the beef between the two titans, it is basically as follows. Birdman is refusing to release “Tha Carter V”, which has understandably enraged Lil Wayne. This has spiralled into a feud between the two and an end to their relationship. This is why this album is free; Birdman will not let Lil Wayne release a commercial project.
So Wayne is making a case for his freedom with this new album. And the Hip Hop legend has not delivered. I feel Lil Wayne is like the Madonna of the rap world. Loved in their day, considered the best in their genre, then they kept making average/bad music, but you can’t hold it against them. It is like seeing a star slowly fade. No matter how bad Lil Wayne may get, “A Millie” makes up for it tenfold.
Production wise it is pretty solid, nothing ground-breaking or new, but solid. Some songs like “Pull Up” go hard, whilst some like “London Roads” slows that tempo down. This album is really un-cohesive when it comes to this, it seems like a mixtape. Songs do not flow well into one another and just seems like they were randomly placed. There seems to be a few bangers on this album like the triumphant song “I Feel Good which has Wayne rapping in an odd auto tune, but it all works. He actually sounds happy; his flow is upbeat and cohesive over a great sample of the classic James Brown song “I Got You (I Feel Good)”. 
Wayne brings some pretty average lyricism as well. He has a few good puns every now and then that me shake my head and laugh but most of them are just a bit cringy, like on “Glory” when he says “My weed louder than underarms”. Nothing really exciting or new from Wayne. He seems to sometimes touch on important things, like his situation with Cash Money on “He’s Dead” in which he states that “Rest In Peace to the Cash Money Weezy/Gone but not forgotten”, but he goes nowhere with them, he then just starts rapping about weed and ‘bitches’ again. It is disappointing because Wayne in his past has touched on topics like drug addiction in ways no other rapper has. Every time he spits a good line there is two more bricks to ruin them, every emotional lyric is outweighed by the goofy ones. His flow overall is as good as it always was, except on “I’m That N***a in which he seems to experiment a bit more, which I appreciate, but it just did not work. 
Honestly, what can you expect from Weezy in 2015? His magnum opus? Wayne has not had any real big hits for years, his music has been dwindling in quality, he has younger more hungry artists like Young Thug (who would have been brilliant over some of these instrumentals) at his heels, he has troubles with his record label and he is reaching a point in his career were you seriously has to ask, should he have stopped music after “Tha Carter 3”?

Written By: Rhys Prka

Rating: 5/10
Fav Tracks: Glory, I Feel Good, Pull Up
Least Fav: Murda, Thinking Bout You, 
Release Date: July 4
Young Money Entertainment/Republic Records.