FEATURE: 5 Jobs Musicians Had Before They Were Famous

Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Sometimes you just have to pay the bills. Before they were paying theirs with music these musicians had other jobs to support them.

image source: magicmedia.blogspot.com

Kelis was a bartender. Given that Milkshake made her career, there are endless jokes to be made here. Something was bringing the boys to the… bar. 

image source: nydaily.com

Kevin Parker - Tame Impala:
Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, worked as a law clerk. This job had him do a lot of travelling giving him time to write and compose. He clearly had a lot of spare time in airports and hotel rooms.

image source: seattlepi.com
Nick Harmer - Death Cab For Cutie:
Being a ‘sanitation worker’ is pretty much just a pleasant way of saying ‘garbage man’ Nick Harmer, from Death Cab For Cutie was stuck with this gig. Though in an interview with Stereogum said it was “one of the best jobs I’ve ever had… indulging in that strange satisfaction that only a hard day’s work can bring”.

image source: consequenceofsound.com

Jack White:
Upholsterer and Jack White – words we never thought we’d see together but Jack White was a furniture upholsterer. He even started a successful business called Third Man Upholstery and went on to recycle this business name when he started his label, Third Man Records, based out of Nashville. 

image source: championmusic.com

Seth Sentry:
Seth Sentry spent more than 10 years in the hospitality industry. Lucky for him it gave him the inspiration to write Thank You For Your Hospitality. We’ve all heard the struggles of customer service work and the song is almost too relatable “But two minutes more of this and I'll completely erupt. So I'll just leave now, cheers but hospitality sucks”.

Written by Sophie Green Moore