FEATURE: Local Tracks We Can't Get Enough Of

Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Photo by Joshua Pike

FOXES - 'Stomp The Earthworm'
Definitely the highlight track from Foxes debut album 'Organic Vessels', 'Stomp The Earthworm' is the the lure for new ears. Unrelenting vocals and a drive so determined it immediately creates the self-promise to see them live. 

OUCH MY FACE - 'Eaten By Buildings'
Ouch My Face's debut album 'Bunyip' is fast becoming my pick for best local debut of the year. 'Eaten By Buildings' cranks into gear with a bass guitar that seems like it's on vacation from Faith No More's 'We Care A lot', stabbing its way through-out. A march, if you will. And then, the vocals arrive, like a passerby who's trying to convince you to stop... but really doesn't give a damn if you don't. It's quick... and, even so, it's varied. There's craftsmanship at the wheel, heard in every single second... 

OUCH MY FACE - 'Creep Heat'
Okay, shoot me. But, hey, these are my picks, Jack, so I'm giving another shout out to 'Ouch My Face'. Arriving before 'Eaten By Buildings' on the record, 'Creep Heat' rides an even cool from top to tail. 'Bunyip' is a record that will open your eyes... it's a punkish treasure chest, short punches of potent energy. 'Creep Heat' is a little respite in terms of big bad drums, more beat by machine. Yeah, I could continue my picks of the week with 'Rejection'.... and the opening track 'Eye'. Wait, wait, wait... are we moving into Album of the Month territory here? Wait! I forgot to mention 'Do The Wrong Thing'. Seriously, this album should get some attention - NOW.

HIGH TENSION - 'Guillotine'
Here's a track that starts off as (what could be) the opening to Tomandandy's 'Canaan' and soon turns into a slower Skunk Anansie riff a'la 'Selling Jesus'. And, like I've mentioned before, that's not a bad thing. High Tension had me at 'Bully',  the title-track from their recently released debut album. 'Guillotine' has me firmly hooked. I was kicking myself for a week when I missed their recent Sydney album launch... judging by the photos, it must have been one hell of a gig. 

HOLY HOLY - 'You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog'
Holy Holy's 'You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog' is as an easy journey into sound, a car let lose on a highway... there's no need to force the gas pedal to the floor, but there's no letting up either. A sense of urgency without a need to push things into the red. A beautiful track... it's all in the reflection. 

Written by D.L. Bugeja