FEATURE: Music Videos That Killed It This Week

Friday, July 17, 2015

Today, we've shared our favourite new tracks, now it's time to share some of our favourite music videos. Trust us, they're some good ones! 

The Walking Who - 'My Future Wife'
The Sydney based psych-rock trio have unleashed a video for 'My Future Wife' that draw inspiration from their trippy-esque tunes. The addition of technicolour filters and digital glitches, has assisted them with the hallucinogenic visuals that couldn't be anymore captivating. After they've been dominating here in Australia, they've spent the last month touring around Europe and UK playing a number of festivals in the process. The Walking Who are psych-rock perfection and always have us excited to see what they're going to do next. 

Kimbra - 'Goldmine'
Kimbra has been on her path towards world domination for a little while now. Not only has she been grinding it out playing sold out shows around the world, she also appeared at Coachella 2015 - we told you she has been dominating. She has delivered again, this time with a video for 'Goldmine'. The clip was shot in 100% stop-frame animation (which means no computer animation was used whatsoever). The result is an entrancing and alluring abstract clip. 

WAAX - 'I For An Eye'
The track has been on rotation on triple j, and topped the AMRAP Metro Charts for two consecutive weeks. Though the video is only short, it's visuals are powerful, displaying themes of revenge, reflection and revelry. The clip sees lead singer Marie De Vita storm into her friend's house on a mission to destroy any trace of vanity she can see. 

North Arm - 'Careless' 
The video clip for 'Careless' comprises from footage from the Australian documentary 'Australia Daze' (1989). The nostalgic clip is a must watch.