Thursday, July 30, 2015

If you weren’t busy having mud fights at Splendour in the Grass this weekend then you were either busy catching one of the Melbourne sideshows or sitting at home rethinking your life choices. Lucky for those that weren’t able to travel to New South Wales, Death Cab For Cutie bought their talent right here to Melbourne for us instead.

Death Cab For Cutie have three Melbourne shows in total, 2 of which were completely sold out.Their new album, Kintsugi, was released in April and these guys performed a stunning show at 170 Russell.

The show was opened by Say Hi, who was a one man band feat Eric, his microphone and his laptop of many amazing noises. Say Hi did exactly what a support act does; make a few fans and get the crowd ready for the main show. If you’re into bad dad jokes and quirky electro pop tunes then he is definitely the guy for you.

I have to say, since the closure of the Palace Theatre, 170 Russell (formerly Billboard) is probably my favourite music venue in Melbourne. You can see the stage from basically everywhere in the place and the acoustics are always on point. It’s the perfect small venue for sideshows and Death Can For Cutie were very lucky to perform there.

Being night two of three Melbourne shows, I was surprised how many fans were already on round two of their DCFC fix. Their true fans and even the fans only dedicated enough to see one show (pick up your game guys!) definitely got their money’s worth, with more than two hours performance time. A rarity for gigs these days, where bands regularly play 45-60 minutes and a couple of encore tracks.

The lengthy set didn’t threaten the 5 piece bands energy though; they were spot on from beginning to end. The stage was set up so that each member was visible; with the drummer and keyboardist on platforms for better viewing. Lead singer, Benjamin Gibbard, impressed the crowd with his stunning vocals and incredible guitar skills. The set list featured tracks from both old and new albums, including a few off the latest record and at least one ofrom their very first album. Long time fans were left pleased so have been given such diversity from the boys in DCFC, rather than them focusing on promoting their latest release.

Personally, I discovered DCGC when their song “Meet Me at the Equinox” featured in the soundtrack for Twilight and have since listened to them when I need my chilled out rock fix. Their most popular track to this day is “I Will Follow You Into the Dark.” DCGC’s music is calm and chill yet upbeat enough to have to fight the urge to be that one idiot who dances a bit too hard at gigs. No one wants an elbow to the face, unless you’re in a wall of death at a metal/hardcore concert, so I had to fight my dancing urges and stick with my head bops and foot taps.

Regardless of the lack of dance moves from fans, they were clearly thoroughly impressed by what DCFC brought to the stage and you could see looks of awe and satisfaction beaming off faces from everywhere in the venue.

Benjamin’s voice is a unique and impressive sound that captivates fans and draws you in to the sound the band produce. While the rest of the band are definitely equally as talented at what they do, I feel like the vocals are a stand out in live performance. If you weren’t lucky enough to catch these boys at Splendour, you’re probably wishing you bought a ticket to one of the three sideshows. The two hour set was almost completely flawless and though these boys aren’t my regular style of music (I’m usually getting elbows to the face at hardcore gigs) I would 110% pay to see them again next time they tour and will be going to buy at least one of their albums sometime this week.

Written by Emily Noordzy 

Featuring: Say Hi
Photographer: Karla Tolentino