Tuesday, July 14, 2015

(Photo: Gabrielle Clement)

Sydney based band Little Sea have created quite the stir in the Australian music scene over the past year and a half, signing with Sony Music and Universal Music Publishing whilst also gaining a following of 40,000 + fans on social media. So it was no surprise when they sold out their two Sydney headline shows at Oxford Arts Factory on the 8th and 9th of July. The venue was flooded with excited fans and well-known musicians and personalities such as: Taylor Henderson, Jai Waetford, Angus O’Loughlin, Jenna McDougall, Nic Kelly and Ashton Irwin. 

The afternoon kicked off with support act Marcelo De La Vega who quickly became a favourite with the crowd as he chatted and charmed his way through the set. His energy and crowd interaction created a buzzing atmosphere as he transitioned between each song. He Played covers of both Chet Faker and The Killers whilst also introducing the crowd to his lyrically strong originals, a crowd favourite being ‘Always And Forever’ as they sang along. 

Band members Oliver Kirby, Andy Butler, Leighton Cauchi and Dylan Clark burst onto stage and jumped straight into ‘Thank you’, their hyper activity was contagious as the crowd danced and screamed along with the band. Following this the group launched into ‘Friends’ a fan favourite off their latest EP ‘With You Without You’, their enthusiasm only escalated as they bounced around stage belting out the upbeat track with fans rocking out in the crowd.

Throwing it back to their previous EP ‘Wake The Sun’ the crowd jumped around to Little Sea’s bop ‘The Way That You Move’. Crowd interaction was constant as the band members leant into the crowd grabbing hands and chatting to fans in between songs. Andy’s vocals were showcased in a cover of Grace Sewell’s rendition of ‘You Don’t Own Me’ by Lesley Gore as he effortlessly hit each note of the feel good track. 

‘Back To You’ reignited the energy in the room as the band ran around stage jumping and rocking around causing the whole crowd to go mental. Sending out a similar vibe when performing their older track The Lucky Ones.’ 

Things calmed down when Oliver and Dylan sat down by Leighton’s drum set as they began their passionate ballad ‘Careless’. Phone lights were switched on and arms swayed in the air as the whole room sang along to the emotional tune. Andy’s voice was once again showcased as he demonstrated his wide vocal range hitting some impressive high notes, which were again matched when closing the set with latest single ‘Change For Love’. A similar phone light, arm-swaying vibe was created with Dylan also showing off his impressive piano skills. 

Before finishing the set though the band put on an impressive performance of their track ‘Red Lights’ going absolutely crazy on stage with Dylan and Oliver getting on their knees at one point rocking on their guitars. Leighton showed off his drumming capabilities in his solo and had the crowd going insane with his signature water spit

The encore was cleverly started with Andy, Leighton and Dylan on stage together performing ‘I Don’t Wanna Leave’ (acoustic). Dylan’s clever piano work really showcased Andy’s vocal as the crowd emotionally sang along to the slower version of the track. Before leaving for the night Oliver jumped back on stage for one last song, ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’. The band took this as an opportunity to show off just how crazy they were with Dylan, Oliver and Andy all once again leaning over the crowd and running around the entire stage.  Oliver at one point standing on Leighton’s drum set before jumping halfway across the stage and leaning back into the crowd, as the song ended he dropped his guitar on the floor and rushed off followed by the rest of the band, sending the crowd into a fit of laughter and happiness. 

The gig was upbeat, full of energy and filled with intense rocking moments demonstrating that Little Sea are not destined to be another ‘pop boyband’ but are following their own unique path with pop rock influences and are only going to grow further through the years to come. 

Written by Gabrielle Clement 

Photographer: Gabrielle Clement