Wednesday, July 8, 2015

(Photographer: Kristy Smolcic)

The passionate (predominately female) fans of twenty one pilots, made their way in the masses to Corner Hotel last Sunday - literally, they sold the venue out (both the matinee and evening shows). The indie-pop have returned to our shores armed with new material having only released their highly acclaimed fourth studio album Blurryface this March.

They opened the night in Trent Reznor-esque fashion with ‘Heavydirtysoul’ - the track even has some industrial beats in there too. The moment Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun hit the stage, the crowd went crazy. Whether it was high-pitch screaming, intense dance moves and moshing, or the firm grip of their mobile phones to capture the moment, each member of the audience fed off the intoxicating energy from the lads. The track, which comes from their most recent album, was also a perfect opener especially with the catchy hook of ‘can you save my heavy dirty soul?’ and overall  dynamic nature. 

Second up was the much more pop-sounding ‘Stressed Out’. This one was another catchy track that had everyone reciting the words aloud with Tyler. 

The thing that most impressed me about their live show was the visual aesthetics and effort they put into presenting a set and stage-design that’s highly interesting. They had it from from crazy lights, glowing microphones, interesting fashion items, and killer masks. Their stage presence is one of the most unique I have ever witnessed and they should be commended for delivering a visually intriguing performance to support their sounds.

Though a great portion of their set were tracks from their new album, they did make room for older material especially a number of tracks from Regional at Best - including ‘Guns For Hands’, ‘Car Radio’, ‘Holding Onto You’, as well as playing ‘Tree’ for their much deserved encore. They also played a surprising cover of ‘No Woman, No Cry’ by Bob Marley & The Wailers.

The lads provided fans with a show that was both entertaining and eccentric. Their onstage performance was full of addictive energy and the crowd couldn’t help but not become drawn into it . They’re only going to become more prominent as the years past and if they can present something as astounding as they did at Corner Hotel, it will be interesting to see what they do on a bigger stage when they return.

Photographer: Kristy Smolcic